Raw Materials

245 million tons of virgin plastics are produced every year. About 25% of good product is rejected or sent back into the system for rework because of false rejection or defects. TOMRA technology reduces false rejections to fewer than 2%.

*This means that 56 million tons of in-spec plastics don't need rework, significantly reducing energy consumption in the process.

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TOMRA Sorting offer specific solutions to sort a wide variety of raw materials, including virgin plastics, virgin wood, specialty chemicals, synthetic rubber and pharmaceuticals. Our specific technologies include camera, laser, infrared spectroscopy, and transmission, as well as sorting parameters like color, surface characteristics, bio-structure, material identification, and shape recognition.


Our sorting solutions help remove defects that are often invisible to the human eye. A team of product specialists are always available to respond to your questions, concerns, and feedback. Additionally, our test center is equipped to provide our customers with industrial-scale demonstrations.

TOMRA Sorting Raw Materials involves a whole team of product and technology experts, standing by to develop partnership solutions for your specific needs.

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