By implementing high-tech equipment at the different stages of the tobacco processing & supply-chain, TOMRA continues its strive for an NTRM*-free tobacco product. Hence reducing risk for its consumer, clean raw tobacco materials will also ensure more efficient manufacturing of consumer products avoiding production stoppages, at the same time minimizing waste generation and contributing to environmental improvements (e.g. reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission control).

*Non-Tobacco Related Material

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BEST, now part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, has more than 20 years of experience in the tobacco industry, providing innovative technologies for the efficient removal of NTRM (non-tobacco related materials).

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Through dedicated research and development, we became the leader in sensor-based sorting solutions in this industry, developing a vast array of sensor technologies and high-speed image and data-processing systems. We can inspect the product in free fall, on belt, in flight, or even in an air stream. The combination of all of these technologies gives TOMRA the ability to provide the most tailored, cost-effective, and advanced sorting solutions for the efficient removal of NTRM from un-threshed leaves all the way to the final produce.

TOMRA Sorting Tobacco involves a whole team of product and technology experts, standing by to develop partnership solutions for your specific needs.

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