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TOMRA Sorting is showcasing its frontline metal applications at ISRI Covention

This spring heralds the ISRI Convention & Exposition 2017 which this year will be held in New Orleans, USA, between the 22 – 27 April, 2017. TOMRA Sorting will again attend this six-day event which also marks the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries’ 30th anniversary convention, and will be highlighting its major metal-sorting applications.

18 April 2017

TOMRA_X-TRACT_ German Design Award_170412
Sharing a platform in the Ernest Morial Convention Center with its US distributor Wendt, TOMRA Sorting will be showcasing their top metal-sorting applications at booth #2105. Staff will be available to explain the benefits of the advanced sensor-based technologies, which enable TOMRA equipment to play such a crucial role in the circular economy.

Those looking for post-shredder end-of-life-vehicle (ELV) solutions, will find TOMRA Sorting's pioneering metal-sorting machines including FINDER, COMBISENSE and the award-winning X-TRACT powerful and robust sorting tools, capable of delivering industry leading performance and stability. Seasoned operators value their ability to secure higher metal purities and deliver greater yields alongside their consistent product quality and the invaluable additional capacity to recover salable by-products.

As all future-oriented scrap dealers and recyclers are aware, sustainable economic and environmental benefits are high on the agenda in the modern world. That is just one reason why the simplicity, reliability, accuracy and optimal performance of TOMRA Sorting’s suite of machines equipped with automated sorting technologies already play a central role in the green strategies of many operators. And, of course, for scrap metal sorting tasks such solutions offer the dual benefits of dramatically improving efficiency and increased return on investment as well as positive reputation enhancement which flows from the adoption of ultra-sustainable recycling practices.

Reinforcing the company’s commitment to targeted recycling initiatives, Brian Gist, Global Sales Director Metals at TOMRA Sorting Recycling commented: “The growing demand for high-quality, secondary raw materials renders targeted recycling increasingly attractive. Whether the focus is copper, aluminum or stainless steel, the process of sorting valuable used metal materials via shredder operations both protects the environment and is also considerably cheaper than the production of these metals from primary resources. Using TOMRA’s modern and efficient sorting technology, separating valuable materials from metal waste becomes worthwhile from every perspective. In collaboration with our partner, Wendt Corporation, we have already successfully installed and implemented sensor-based sorting systems in post shredder operations in North America over the past 16 years.”