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Tom Eng (b. 1965)

Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Recycling

Tom Eng joined TITECH (now TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Recycling) as a Marketing Manager in 1998. He was later promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager, and Sales Director. From 2012 he has been Head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Recycling. Prior to joining TOMRA (TITECH), Eng was Product and Export Manager for Noral AS in Norway, and Marketing Manager for Noral SA in France. He started his career as a Trainee at the First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee and a Marketing Assistant for Cub Cadet, both in the USA.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Recycling, offer more than 25 different sorting applications that separate a wide range of valuable fractions, including plastics, metals, and paper from waste. Today, there are around 3,500 TOMRA TITECH sensor-based machines operating in more than 40 countries, for which Tom Eng has the overall responsibility.

Eng received his Master of Arts in European Business from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He is Norwegian and based at TOMRA’s Headquarters in Asker, Norway.

Number of shares in TOMRA Systems ASA: 10,748.