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Elisabet V. Sandnes

"In my job as an IRO, I'm responsible for external communication towards the investor community and the equity market. I'm the main contact point for all shareholders, potential new investors and equity analysts covering TOMRA."

In a year Elisabet facilitates between 300-400 meetings, with or without TOMRA top management abroad and in Norway. Because of her prior experience from investment banking she also has a split role as M&A Director, where she engages in acquisition and divestment process within the TOMRA group. Typical activities are general due diligence and valuation efforts relating to the target company. Elisabet reports to the group CFO, and has a degree in Finance from Norwegian School of Management (BI), Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Elisabet’s workday evolves mostly around how TOMRA is perceived by the investor community and general stock market. During a year she can have around 150-200 meetings with individual investors to give them an update on how TOMRA is doing from a financial and strategic point of view. “However,” Elisabet says, “there is no such thing as a standard work day, and the unpredictability of my work is one of the reasons why I enjoy my work.”

TOMRA is on a growth path, and as a TOMRA employee you are given the opportunity to grow with the company. “Despite having increased quite significantly in size, the company has since inception in 1972 TOMRA been able to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in the company resulting in a corporate culture that I find genuine and quite refreshing”, says Elisabet. “Also being greatly motivated by learning, it is my opinion that TOMRA offer good possibilities to TOMRA employees that want to further develop within and/or beyond their current role.”