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TOMRA T9 with EasyPac

The most flexible way to meet your high-volume needs. The T9 with EasyPac can be configured for maximum space efficiency while delivering a fast and easy recycling experience to a steady stream of happy customers.

Create an easy customer experience

Ensure speedy returns of one-way or refillable containers and entire crates of refillables even during high-volume times with the T9’s industry-leading TOMRA Flow and True Vision recognition technologies.

Make it work in any space

Configure the T9 EasyPac to fit your backroom’s layout for maximum space efficiency that matches your store’s volume, whether you need one cabinet or five.

Endless customization for optimized operation

We tailor your T9 EasyPac to fit your store’s unique needs, from the right mix of recyclables and backroom configuration to the T9 exterior and customer interface. We can update your system at any time so your RVM serves you well over the long term, even as your needs evolve.

Streamlined operations means more uptime and less staff time

Re-routing keeps your T9 EasyPac running even while emptying a full bin, and smart product design combined with intuitive operator interfaces make cleaning a simple task.

Fully connected for a smarter experience

Make your T9 EasyPac more powerful without using another inch of space by using TOMRA’s digital tools to engage customers, drive sales and run your RVMs more efficiently.