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Why TOMRA for your reverse vending?

TOMRA is the reverse vending world leader with more than 82,000 installations across more than 60 markets. From expert advice for reverse vending providers to engaging recycling experiences for end users, we are there every step of the way to ensure you get the best lifetime value out of your investment.

The reverse vending machine is a fully integrated part of the customer experience in your store, and its performance has a direct impact on your business and your brand’s reputation. Our goal is always for our reverse vending solutions to be so intuitive and reliable that they attract customers and keep them coming back to you.

TOMRA Reverse Vending benefits

Always ready to serve

Did you know that of all the empty beverage containers returned each week, 40% are returned within the seven busiest store hours of the day?

To maintain the highest level of customer service during these peak hours, your reverse vending machines must deliver a speedy user session, enough storage capacity and reliability through a sturdy design.

Convenient for all users

Some return their containers in a hurry, while others take their time to check that each container is correctly processed and registered. No matter what your customers’ behavior, they all want convenience.

That’s why our solutions adapt to each user, making sure they each get an efficient experience regardless of how they use it. Studies show that a modern and optimized reverse vending machine can double the customer capacity, increases efficiency and greatly improves the user experience. 

Intuitive to operate

The turnover among staff operating reverse vending machines is high, and handling the empty containers is often secondary among their tasks. It is therefore vital that any solution is intuitive, requiring little or no training.

At TOMRA, we constantly work to improve by focusing on logical operation, intuitive messaging and efficient handling routines. This is why we have won esteemed design awards for taking the operator's perspective and setting new standards in user friendliness. 

Customized for your needs

Since we created the first reverse vending machine in 1972, we have developed more than 45 unique reverse vending solutions. That is because an optimal solution is dependent on the environment it operates in from the space available and the types of packaging being collected, to the number of consumers it serves and different usage patterns, both nationally and internationally.

We therefore provide a range of solutions for a wide range of needs. Regardless of which model you chose, you can always be confident that you get TOMRA's unmatched service quality; cutting-edge, reliable technology; and a variety of applications to maximize the potential of your investment.