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Fluo™ Technology by TOMRA

Biological detection developed for the food industry after years of fundamental research, together with the University of Brussels, BEST, a part of TOMRA Sorting Food, invented the Fluo™ technology for sorting machines.

Due to the fluorescence features of certain products, the patented laser Fluo™ technology provides a better contrast to detect colour and texture differences. It creates a kind of black and white contrast that results in a very high detection efficiency and very little false reject.


Fluo™ laser technology is used to sort out products which do not contain chlorophyll or differ in chlorophyll level from the good products that contain chlorophyll such as peas, green beans, spinach and garden beans. The objects that do not contain chlorophyll (the defects) can be stones, plastics, glass, wood, metal and rotten spots. Also chlorophyll containing objects or spots can be detected with Fluo™ laser technology e.g. the green spots on potato products, green areas on carrot products, parts of leaves in between products, leaves on fruits etc.