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Interactance Spectroscopy by TOMRA

Interactance spectroscopy as applied to the QVision is unique. It utilizes Near-InfraRed (NIR) light, but different to all other non-contact in-line NIR systems, the NIR light penetrates far into the meat before it is measured.

The meat is illuminated from one angle and the illuminated meat is measured from another. The analysis of the illuminated meat typically represents the top 20mm of the ground meat stream. The second unique feature is the width of the measurement which is 500mm, covering the full width of any relevant ground meat stream.

The system has proven that measuring 20mm into the meat and the full belt width gives a very representative measurement for ground meat, diced meat or small pork trim. Also frozen ground meat can be measured with great accuracy as scattering from surface ice-crystals is no longer a problem.


Near-infrared analysis has already become the preferred method for accurate laboratory measurement of fat in meat.
QVision’s combined interactance spectroscopy and near-infrared technology delivers the accuracy and consistency to do the same for process analysis. All problems previously associated with applying near-infrared analysis directly in the production lines are solved.