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Laser Technology by TOMRA

TOMRA’s laser machines sort based on colour, structure, size, shape differences and biological detection. The laser sorter provides you with the best sorting solution to increase the quality of your product.

Laser inspection systems are used for applications that require both colour and structure sorting such as raisins, shrimps, vegetables, fruit, tobacco and nuts.

Laser scanning detects contaminants even when the products and the defects have the same colour. The patented scattering, Fluo™, Detox™ and SWIR principles give the operator high discriminating power.

Thanks to the Fluo™ technique it is also possible to screen products containing chlorophyll such as lettuce, spinach, peas or other green vegetables, for foreign material contamination with minimal loss of good product.


On top of these “traditional sorting techniques”, TOMRA’s sorting machines can also sort based on biological characteristics. These biological features are invisible to the human eye. However, they can be detected using our technologies, which remove health hazards, such as aflatoxin in nuts and figs.

The Detox™ laser sorter utilizes a special optical design that allows aflatoxin contamination to be detected and removed. Another laser-based technology enables sorting based on water content. With SWIR technology, the water based products such as frozen fruit and vegetables absorb the light whereas difficult defects such as wood and plastic reflect it.


The use of different types of lasers provides unmatched flexibility in sorting different types of products. It has proven to be far superior to other sorting methods. With unmatched speed, precision and accuracy, it detects invisible foreign bodies, such as glass, or defects with exactly the same colour as the good product.