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Shape Technology by TOMRA

Hyperion is the first technology used in food sorting to accurately calculate and assess the characteristics of the defect and the product simultaneously, providing more than just shape recognition.

Hyperion sorts the product based on full featured object analysis, as well as traditional defect criteria such as colour and structure.

Through an intelligent process, the sorter will simultaneously evaluate the importance of a spot with respect to the total area of the good product, e.g. distinguish the crown of a carrot from a discoloration, recognize deformed products, measure the good product, position a defect with respect to the object or simply sort based on the shape of the product, unobstructed by speed or capacity.

The basis for Hyperion’s effectiveness is its speed and versatility. Different defects are assigned into user defined defect categories. These are implemented using two techniques; hardware and software. The gross defect parameters are first processed by high-speed state-of-the-art hardware that prevents the system from being overloaded. Hyperion’s software can distinguish between simple shape sorting and more advanced sorting. By dividing the total sorting requirement into sub tasks and by selecting the most effective process, Hyperion can work on any shape sorting application.


A general shape sorting toolbox adds complementary sorting capabilities by applying object oriented features like length, width, diameter, area, broken piece recognition, etc. It also integrates an advanced ‘template matching’ software to target stems and stalks in green beans.