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Today we see steam peelers peeling at lower steam times than ever before. No product in the industry can match the speed of peeling, the uniformity of skin removal and the low peel losses of TOMRA’s Eco steam peeler. We are proud to say that TOMRA's Eco steam peeler has become the standard for French fry processors.

The peeler has confirmed the 'Eco' label and demonstrated major reductions in steam usage and energy savings.

One of the requirements in the design of the Eco steam peeler was that it should lower energy usage by up to 25%, worth around € 50,000 tot € 80,000 per year depending on local energy costs.


The Eco technology changes the nature of the steam peeling process from fixed steam supply to a new controlled steam management system. The result is a substantial improvement in processing efficiency and major savings in steam.

The Eco peeler also includes a new peeling vessel design with patented design features. The high pressure vessel includes an innovative product mixing design that enables rapid heat transfer from the steam to the surface of each individual product. The vessel is also equipped with a unique parallel motion door.

These new design features allow for even better process control and shorter steam times. The addition of a completely new process sequence combined with the above features results in lower peel loss.


Curious about the actual results of the Eco steam peeler?

Read the testimonial of Kadi, a Swiss manufacturer of potato products and other frozen foods and discover why they decided to partner with TOMRA.


Key features

  • New smaller vessel for same capacity/batch size
  • New parallel motion vessel door
  • New process control software
  • New steam control and software
  • New pressure transmitters
  • New lifter size/ number and configuration
  • New vessel design features
  • New diagnostic package

Benefits of TOMRA's Eco Steam Peeler

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased yield
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Controlled steam management
  • High performance based on customer's needs

Technical specification

 Eco 600lEco 800l
CapacityUp To 20,000 kg/hrUp To 27,000 kg/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
4150 x 3890 x 48104150 x 3890 x 4810
Infeed belt widthN/AN/A
Air pressure inputN/AN/A
Electrical consumptionN/AN/A
 Eco 1000lEco 1150l
CapacityUp To 35,000 kg/hrUp To 40,000 kg/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
5380 x 4820 x 58805380 x 4820 x 5880
Infeed belt widthN/AN/A
Air pressure inputN/AN/A
Electrical consumptionN/AN/A
 Eco 1250l
CapacityTo 44,000 kg/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
5380 x 4820 x 5880
Infeed belt widthN/A
Air pressure inputN/A
Electrical consumptionN/A