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The Peel Scanner² is the latest in the line of process inspection machines for the potato peeling industry. The Peel Scanner² uses sensor based technology to accurately inspect your product in order to provide essential data for control of the peeling process.

Peel Scanner²

Peel scanning is an important aspect of the control program to ensure that minor changes in the raw material’s quality are detected and the peeling process is adjusted accordingly. Operators can make better informed decisions based on continuously displayed information on peel percentage, average size and quality of the raw material.

Reduced peel loss

Customers who currently use the technology to control the peeling process receive up to eight percent reduction on steam times and enjoy higher product yields.

Key features

Sensor Technology

Using an innovative image capture system and sophisticated analysis software, the Peel Scanner² achieves an image resolution of 0.3 mm. This enables the device to accurately detect the peel percentage, surface defects and dimensional data to control the peeling process with much higher precision than is possible with human operators.

A unique touchscreen allows production personnel to see live images and data from processing lines. Control parameters, quality settings and set points can be adjusted from the interface panel using password protected access screens.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased yield
  • Real-time monitoring: live images and data for operators and engineers
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Continuous reduction of peel loss
  • Control of the peel and brush process/time