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Ground frozen meat sorting by TOMRA

We provide sorting solutions for ground frozen meat used as a raw material for wet pet food processing. Frozen meat blocks often contain foreign material inside. Once these blocks go through your grinder, the foreign material becomes loose and visual, and this is where our sorting process starts. Our optical sorters free your raw material of unwanted foreign objects before they go through your mixer.

We can detect and remove all kinds of foreign materials, including stones, plastics (hard and soft), metal, wood, glass, and rubber.


We detect and remove even the smallest defects at high capacity and with an optimal yield. Imperfections with a similar color to the product can be identified based on their structure and biological characteristics. Defects sticking to the meat that would otherwise be invisible for manual inspection are now eliminated thanks to the double-sided inspection zone.


The Nimbus optical sorter uses double-sided lasers, sorting based on color, structure, and biological characteristics. Laser scanning detects contaminants even when the product and the defects have the same color. Also, the Advanced Foreign Material Detector (AFMD) module sorts on product-specific features like the moisture level. The sorter is calibration-free, which is the ultimate proof of reliability.