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Case Studies Mining Sorting Solutions

TOMRA Sorting has worked with customers in many countries, see what they thought! Read some of our case studies to get to know how TOMRA´s sensor-based solutions help to extend the life of mining operations and increase the overall value of the deposit.

Mining Sorting Case Studies


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19 October 2020

Black Chrome Mine

Throughout the mining industry, TOMRA clients are now offered the chance to explore the benefits of digital sorting. In South Africa, Black Chrome Mine – part of the Sail Group – is doing so with the support of our local service team.

23 June 2020

Improving phosphate production for fertilizers

If there is a secret about fertilizer ingredients, it is this: sourcing phosphates can require extraordinarily high levels of financial investment and technical ingenuity. A good example can be found at the $8bn joint venture at Wa’ad Al Shamal in Saudi Arabia, where – despite formidable challenges – phosphates are being mined from rocks with unprecedented commercial and environmental efficiencies.

23 January 2020

Minsur - Tin giant gets boost from TOMRA ore sorting technology

A plant for treating mined waste and low grade material at the world’s largest underground tin mine has repaid its capital cost of US$24 million in just four months, thanks in part to the role of a TOMRA X-ray transmission (XRT)-based ore sorting machine.

12 November 2019

Gamma LLP, Kazakhstan

TOMRA XRT technology delivers excellent results at Gamma LLP coal mine in Kazakhstan.

10 May 2019

Mikroman Maden, Turkey

How mineral sorting machines are improving quality and reducing costs for the Mikroman Mining company in Turkey.

28 May 2017

Case study on quartz sorting with laser

Top quality quartz for silica production is gained by means of laser sorting. This process requires coarse grained quartz (SiO2) that is reduced to silicon (Si) in melting furnaces.

01 December 2015

Large Diamond Recovery

TOMRA Sorting's XRT equipment recovers world’s largest diamond in over 100 years at Lucara Diamonds´ Karowe Mine in Botswana.

31 October 2013

Tungsten Sorting

Increased production benefits of waste rock reduction with sensor-based sorting at WOLFRAM Bergbau AG, Austria.

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