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Launch of new range of diamond processing solutions

TOMRA Sorting has launched a new range of diamond recovery and kimberlite pre-concentration solutions.

30 January 2014

The portfolio utilizes the latest developments in TOMRA’s near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and x-ray transmission (XRT) imaging technology.

For free diamond recovery, the range contains the GEM Mid XRT machine. This can be used after dense media separation (DMS) for final recovery, producing the ultimate concentrate.

The new portfolio additionally includes the COM Tertiary XRT /D large diamond recovery and DMS replacement solution. This is a customized version of TOMRA’S established XRT sorters, from its range of COM general purpose belt systems, and offers very high feed rates.

Also in the recently-launched portfolio are PRO Primary COLOR-NIR and PRO Secondary COLOR-NIR machines, for tackling kimberlite pre-concentrations, from TOMRA’s PRO industrial processing range.

The new systems were unveiled at an event at TOMRA’s main mining test center in Wedel, Germany, attended by customers from all continents.

New portfolio outperforms traditional technologies

Hartmut Harbeck, Technical Director and Product Manager for Mining, TOMRA Sorting, said: “Our new portfolio out-performs traditional technologies, providing the highest diamond recovery rates at extremely low yields. This allows the overall complexity of recovery plants to be reduced, resulting in lower running costs.”

TOMRA’s new GEM Mid XRT solution for DMS concentrate and final recovery is suitable for grain sizes from five to 60 millimeters. It has a feed rate of up to 100 tonnes per hour for DMS concentrate and 40 tonnes for final recovery. The system boasts a recovery rate higher than 99.5 per cent.

The COM Tertiary XRT /D for large diamond recovery and DMS replacement can handle grain sizes from five to 75 millimeters. It offers feed rates of up to 150 tonnes per hour for 1.2 meter width and 300 tonnes per hour for 2.4 meter width. The machine provides recovery rates exceeding 98 per cent.

TOMRA’s new color PRO NIR sorters for kimberlite pre-concentrations can work with grain sizes ranging from 20 to 250 millimeters. They offer feed rates of up to 300 tonnes per hour and recovery levels as high as 98 per cent.

Mr Harbeck said: “Like all our diamond mining technology, the new systems are fit-for-purpose designed, fully integrated and encapsulated. They provide completely automated processes, leading to simplified flow sheets, and have low adverse environmental impact, due to their dry physical separation and upfront waste removal.”