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In a huge quantum leap forward, TOMRA Sorting Mining is now introducing a new multi-channel laser sorting machine which is destined to set entirely new standards within the industry.

PRO Secondary LASER

Minerals which could not be differentiated with existing technologies, such as color-sorting, X-ray transmission or near-infrared sensors, can now be identified and separated. The new ore sorting technology enables the user to define and apply a greater number of sorting criteria, and thus sort with much greater precision. The laser identification technology consists of a multi-channel laser scanning system with high-resolution imaging, and cutting-edge color and textural selectivity. Multiple material characteristics such as brightness, color, size, shape and surface texture are processed simultaneously.

The new multi-channel laser sorter is based on TOMRA´s compact PRO series, which has a well-proven track record of performance in the mining industry. The chute sorter has been equipped with two multi-channel laser systems placed opposite each other at an angle of 180°. This allows for the detection of material from two sides and maximizes the capture of information about the structure of material surfaces. This is particularly important for sorting material with contact zones because they are typically only detectable on one side of the ore. The machine can be quickly optimized for each required sorting task by selecting a sorting program and making appropriate sensitivity adjustments.