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Color sorting - How it works

TOMRA´s COLOR identification technology consists of line scan cameras with high resolution and cutting edge color selectivity.

CHUTE arrangement

The choice for a chute arrangement has an impact on the physical separation process.

Multiple material characteristics like size, shape, brightness and color distribution are processed at the same time. The illumination unit consists of state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled LED technology, enabling steady and repeatable sorting results.

Input material is evenly fed via a vibration feeder onto a chute, where it is detected by the COLOR camera. This information is evaluated by a subsequent electronic system. At the end of the chute, an ejection module with several individual valves is installed. If the sensor system detects particles to be sorted out, individual valves are opened at the exact position and the material is ejected by means of compressed air. The sorted material is divided into two fractions in the separation chamber.

TOMRA´s color sorting machine can be quickly optimized for the required sorting tasks by the selection of sorting programs and sensitivity adjustments.