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The new TOMRA Sorting Recycling AUTOSORT 4 improves efficiency at the Toledo Eco-Park.

A new AUTOSORT 4 optical separator has been added to the four units already operating at the Sorting facility. The new unit is configured for the recovery of paper and cardboard, resulting in a significant increase in the recovery of this material, thereby meeting Eco-Park’s recovery projections.

22 June 2015

The Toledo Eco-Park, located at Dehesa del Aceituno, which is part of the Toledo municipal area, is an innovative municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment center which serves a population of more than 650,000 and has the capacity to treat 250,000 tons of waste. The Toledo Eco-Park is managed by Gesmat (“Gestion Medioambiental de Toledo, S.A.”), which is a company in partnership with “Ferrovial Servicios España” and the “Consorcio de Servicios Públicos Medioambientales” of the Province of Toledo.

This facility is one of the most advanced in Spain and is known for its high degree of automation and efficiency in waste utilization, prioritizing recovery, bio-stability and recycling over disposal. At its facilities, which occupy 18 hectares, the company engages in sorting of recyclable wastes, biostabilization of the organic fraction and production of solid recovered fuel (SRF).

The most important building at the Toledo Eco-Park is the Sorting facility, where sorting of materials takes place in two stages: primary and secondary. In the first stage, material to be biostabilized is sorted from the remainder of the material, which is subject to a second sorting involving separation into streams for PEAD plastics, PET plastics, film plastics, paper and cardboard, Tetra-Park, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In 2014, the Toledo Eco-Park sorting facility processed a total of 180,545 tons, at a feed-in rate of 60 tons/hour, or 30 tons/hour in each of the two lines set up at the facility.

Advanced technology for sorting recoverable materials

Since it was placed in service in 2012, the Eco-Park has benefited from the latest technology, which has allowed it to maximize the recovery of recyclable and recoverable materials.. Several TOMRA Sorting Recycling automatic separators figure among the advanced equipment owned by the facility.

Initially 4 TOMRA AUTOSORT units of different widths were installed, three of which were the latest generation, fitted with an automatic valve block positioning system (VBPS).

In 2014, following up on improvement opportunities uncovered, an AUTOSORT 4 was installed in the flat fraction line for the recovery of paper and board. "The new AUTOSORT optical separator was installed in July 2014. It is configured for the recovery of paper and cardboard in this fraction, resulting in a significant increase in the recovery of this material at the sorting facility," according to Eco-Park. In fact, the installation of the new unit will have almost doubled paper and cardboard recovery by the end of 2015 when compared to 2014, when the machine was placed in service.

A satisfactory experience

For the Toledo Eco-Park, owning TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s sensor-based sorting technology has brought numerous benefits, especially in relation to performance, productivity, profitability and the product quality obtained.

Gesmat’s prior experience with AUTOSORT, which the company used in other facilities, has helped with integration and adaptation with respect to handling the equipment. Additionally, the flexibility in configuration has allowed the equipment to be used for different tasks depending on the requirements in the sorting lines. Eco-Park comments: “We were already using other equipment from TOMRA Sorting Recycling in the facility, so we were familiar with the technology and reliability. This technology is allowing us to meet our projections and expectations.”