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TOMRA Sorting Recycling Maintains Business Momentum in China

With over 50 of its sorting systems now sold on the Chinese mainland, TOMRA Sorting Recycling is on the move

24 October 2013

An acknowledged global market leader in the automated sorting of a variety of material and waste streams, TOMRA Sorting Recycling is now an established presence in China, where its ultra-efficient automatic sorting systems are replacing the manual sorting that has characterised China's recycling efforts in past years. Today, the company has sold over 50 of its machines in China, and is managing the installation process in each case, as TOMRA Sorting Recycling moves ahead with its long-term goal of building a strong organisation that is fully capable of serving all market segments on the Chinese mainland.

Second office in China
With the acquisition of Belgian food sorting specialist BEST Quadraat NV in 2012, TOMRA Sorting Solutions acquired a second office in China, in Hangzhou. Xiamen, meanwhile, remains the location of the company's headquarters office in China, although in a sign of what is now a wave of business success for TOMRA Sorting Recycling in China, this office has now been transferred to a larger unit on the first floor of the same office building, where it will be better able to serve its rapidly growing customer base with a set of resources that will now include a test centre.

The move coincides with a change of company name in China, in both English- and Chinese-language forms. In English, the company is now known as TOMRA Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., replacing the previous TOMRA Environmental Protection Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Timely return on investment (ROI)
The automated sorting systems supplied by TOMRA Sorting Recycling are faster and much more efficient than sorting by hand, which has always been the norm in China – until now. Customers rapidly see added value in their accurately sorted waste and material streams, and this means a timely return on investment (ROI), even in the case of the most recently available machine, the advanced TITECH autosort 4, which commands a higher price point than previous systems.

"The TITECH autosort 4 is rapidly proving its worth in the China market," noted Jacob Rognhaug, Country Manager, China. "Worldwide our machines are recovering 715,000 tons of metal annually, and in China's fast evolving economy, that's an invaluable resource. Of course, our systems sort a wide variety of materials, serving all market segments and contributing to the national effort to protect the environment, a vital element of China's 12th Five-Year Plan."

"The sorting and recycling industry in China is in healthy growth mode"
The China government is now taking steps to reduce the amount of waste imported from abroad, in what is known as the Green Fence Operation, but Rognhaug does not see this as restricting in any way business operations at TOMRA Sorting Recycling. "The sorting and recycling industry in China is in healthy growth mode," commented Rognhaug. "The restrictions on waste imports are understandable, but we are continuing to sell machines and build a strong base in China. We don't see any slowing of that process. In fact, we plan to open a new test centre in China in November. We're on the move, and our only direction is up."

The street address of the new TOMRA Sorting Solutions headquarters office in Xiamen is:
TOMRA Sorting Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
1A/E, No. 8 Xinfeng 2nd Road
Torch Hi-tech Industrial Zone
Huli District, 361006 Xiamen

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