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TOMRA Sorting has been awarded a contract to upgrade the existing sorting process at MID UK Recycling’s new commercial and industrial residual recycling facility (RRF) plant at Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire.

18 December 2014

Opened earlier in 2014, MID UK’s Barkston Heath RRF plant already has three TITECH autosort 4 units recovering 2D film and paper. Two additional TITECH autosort 4 units are due to be installed in January 2015 and will be programmed to sort paper and 3D plastics, capturing a new recyclate stream for MID UK as well as significantly increasing the purity of current output materials.

TITECH autosort is the most adaptable sorter
The TITECH autosort 4, one of TOMRA Sorting’s most adaptable sorters, can be programmed to recover plastics, paper or remove metal from feedstock. The unit combines near infrared (NIR) and visual spectrometry sensors (VIS) and is capable of sorting to a resolution of 2.5mm.

The upgrade at the Barkston Heath facility will also provide more effective recovery of valuable materials by improving the reliability and efficiency of the sorting lines.

High performance and reliability

Les Brown, General Manager at MID UK Recycling, comments: “When we were looking to replace the two units from our previous technology supplier, we chose TOMRA Sorting for our upgrade as, with three TITECH autosort units already installed at the plant, we were aware of the high performance and reliability of the technology. The two additional units will significantly improve the quality of our sorted material, enabling us to capture an additional material, which supports MID UK’s aim of 100 per cent recovery from waste.”

Strengthening MID UK Recycling´s market position by TITECH units

Steve Almond, UK Sales at TOMRA Sorting, adds: “The additional TITECH units will enable our customer to recover a new recyclate stream, 3D plastics strengthening their place within the market. In addition, TITECH technology will significantly reduce the amount of operational down time at the plant, providing a cost-effective upgrade.”