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TOMRA Sorting Solutions opens Moscow office

TOMRA Sorting Solutions has further expanded its international presence by creating a subsidiary in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and establishing a Moscow office.

28 May 2015

A leader in sensor-based sorting systems, the company staged the official opening of its newest location to coincide with WasteTech 2015. Held in the Russian capital May 26 – 28, WasteTech is a leading international exhibition for waste management, recycling, renewable energy and environmental technologies.

The launch event was attended by a number of the company’s leading customers, including “Ecorosstroy” and “EcoLand”.

Closer to our customers
Tom Eng, Vice-President and Head of TOMRA Sorting Recycling said: “Our subsidiary and Moscow office brings us closer to our customers in the CIS. They will enable us to further develop our business in a commonwealth with huge potential, as it contains over 250 million people, by providing the latest waste sorting technologies. The market for sensor-based sorting of recyclable materials in the CIS is still young and evolving. Our leading technologies allow customers to implement the economical all-in-one bin principle and daily waste collection, meaning they can reclaim valuable materials effectively and efficiently out of mixed municipal solid waste.”

“In addition, our Moscow office will support the continued growth of our mining and food sorting businesses in the commonwealth. These are exciting times for TOMRA Sorting Solutions in the CIS and we are looking forward to expanding our presence here.”

TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ new subsidiary will be managed by Jörg Rathmann, the company’s Managing Director in the CIS. He has worked in Russia, or with organisations based there, for 10 years. These include the German Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade which represents the interests of companies from one of these countries operating in the other.

Jörg Rathmann was also a Regional Manager with the International Tolstoy Foundation for four years. The Foundation empowers orphaned and disadvantaged children in Russia, as well as providing humanitarian assistance to the distressed, sick and elderly worldwide.

Extensively experienced in economics, administration and politics, Jörg Rathmann has a particular interest in how sound ecological practices can be adopted successfully in national, regional and municipal economies.

Transformative impact upon the way waste is managed throughout the states
Commenting on his role, Jörg Rathmann said: “I’m excited by the opportunity to further develop TOMRA Sorting recycling’s presence in the CIS. We believe we can have a transformative impact upon the way waste is managed throughout the states.”

“The widespread use of our sensor-based sorting machines to recover fractions in the CIS will offer labor savings and create a significant increase in recycling rates, as well as producing more resources for industry. In essence, it will add value to the state economies, while prolonging supplies of their finite primary resources, such as oil and gas.”

TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s advanced automated systems for various waste and metal material streams deliver clear commercial, legislative and environmental benefits.

The sensor-based sorting systems recover clean material fractions, delivering significantly higher yields and increased value from input material than traditional separation methods, such as dense media separation or manual sorting.