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Tobacco Sorting Sensor Technology by TOMRA

No matter what type of tobacco you're sorting, the efficient removal of non-tobacco related material (NTRM), non-desired tobacco products (NDTP) and other potentially dangerous matters is critical. That’s why you need impeccable sensor-based tobacco sorting technologies. Please take a look at the pictures below highlighting TOMRA's different sensor technologies for tobacco sorting. Beneath the pictures you will find a brief explanation of the technology. If you are curious about what this technology can do for your sorting task, please contact us.

TOMRA tobacco sorting machines are able to detect and remove:

  • Synthetics such as rubber, foam, nylon and polystyrene
  • Non-synthetics such as metal, rocks, and paper
  • Organics such as grass, straw and animal related material (feathers)
  • Other types of foreign objects and material


TOMRA’s sensor technologies provide the highest efficiency, precision and speed. Not even the smallest particles fall through the detection grid. TOMRA’s sorting technologies ensure high speed processing of information such as material properties, shape, size, geometry, color, defect and damage characteristics, and location of objects.

TOMRA’s sorting principle: a tobacco sorting solution tailored to your needs

To provide the right and precise sorting solution, we start working from the broad application, customize the mechanical (product handling) and technological needs for your particular tobacco product, and then fine-tune the sorting machine with the needed core sorting components, including sensors, electronics, software, and ejection modules.


It’s this balance of broad technological application and customized expertise that makes TOMRA the global leader in sensor-based tobacco sorting.

Core sensor technologies by TOMRA

1. Camera

Recognizes materials based on color, biological characteristics and shape (length, width, diameter, area, and other). The camera capabilities go beyond the visible spectrum and include infrared, ultraviolet and other spectra. TOMRA has developed exclusive high resolution cameras with an adapted spectrum, ideal for optical tobacco sorting. The cameras also include our industrial high quality lenses, with an advanced focusing system.

2. Fluo™

Fluo™ technology is used to sort out products that do not contain chlorophyll or differ in chlorophyll level from the good products that contain chlorophyll. The objects that do not contain chlorophyll (the defects) can be stones, plastics, glass, wood, metal, rotten spots et cetera. Also chlorophyll containing objects or spots can be detected with Fluo™ laser technology, generating a specific tobacco glow.

3. Laser

TOMRA’s laser machines sort based on color, structure, and biological characteristics. Laser scanning detects contaminants even when the products and the defects have the same color.

4. Flex & Smart sort

The Smart Sort module helps the operator setting parameters by analyzing the incoming product. It automatically and easily provides a program set up. If necessary, the operator can adjust the program, to adapt the changing sorting criteria. By implementing the Smart Sort module, the sorting machine is used to its fullest capabilities.