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Team Leader Mechanical Design Engineer

As Team Leader Mechanical Engineering you are responsible for the mechanical design team in Leuven.

Leuven, Belgium 10.01.2018

You coach the assigned employees (+/- 10). They are responsible for research, design and the development of new technologies that allow the company to remain competitive and to meet the specific requirements of the market/customer. You make sure that your team will provide high quality and innovative products that require minimal service.

Roles and Responsibilities

Target areas

  1. You are responsible for coaching and directing the assigned employees and you aim for an optimum use of manpower and resources
  2. You provide good quality in the development of projects and you work in a structured way on solutions for specific questions in order to aim at a continuous improvement of our applications
  3. You cooperate closely with other team leaders and departments in order to achieve the set targets and to harmonise the contribution of the various parties


1. Coaching and directing employees

  • You are involved in determining the division goals and translating them into the individual objectives of the employees
  • You coach employees and focus on their development
  • You monitor departmental and individual goals and direct staff where needed
  • You implement the project planning and ensure that schedules are met
  • You are responsible for the good qualitative and quantitative staffing of the department
  • You ensure correct interpretation of the time registration for planning and grants
  • You recognise problems in the department and take action where necessary
  • You combine qualitative and quantitative work on a well-motivated and happy team
  • You are actively involved in the recruitment of new employees
  • You conduct annual review meetings with the assigned staff
  • You create a positive and creative environment for the team
  • You organize appropriate training within the budget limits of the department

2. Quality of the projects

  • You implement quality management as a standard
  • You work actively on the improvement of the applications
  • You show initiative in the field of application of new techniques and technologies
  • You strive for a large number of successful product releases and patent applications
  • You maintain the overview over the different projects
  • You are responsible for the design of the applications in the own field
  • You have a hands on mentality to speed up and finish projects
  • You are responsible for the quality of your team's deliverables

3. Cooperation with others

  • You maintain close contacts with the team leaders of the different departments
  • You create space in the time schedule of employees for field activities in consultation with the Customer Service Coordinator
  • You participate actively in non-departmental company related projects
  • You draw up training programmes for new employees in cooperation with the training department
  • You report at the agreed time to the manager


Master in Electromechanical Engineering

Other skills and abilities

  • Leadership skills, developing & coaching skills
  • Motivator, delegate and show people the right direction
  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Planning & organisation skills
  • Monitoring
  • Judgement
  • Presentation skills
  • Synthesis skills
  • Innovative mechanical experience

How to apply

Send your resume to