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Team Leader After Sales

The team leader provides guidance, instruction, motivation, direction and direct leadership to a group of Field Service Engineers. He will structure, coordinate and develop the service business in his territory within the defined strategy and agreed targets. He will also provide technical support to the customers and the internal organization, liaising with the central service team when necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities

The team leader will know all personal strengths, weaknesses and motivation of his team members, in order to develop them further and support them to achieve their goals.

Although the team leader is dedicated to a certain group of FSE’s, he will provide the same role when other team leaders are absent, and this in cooperation with his line manager.

He will act as the big brother of his team and he will be the “go-to guy” for his team.

Situation within the organization

This job is for a team leader within the after sales department and he will report to the line manager. His team will consist of 3 FSE’s and can be enlarged in the future. He will also functionally manage the back office service assistant, in coordination with the recycling service manager for Italy.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Responsible for a good performing and motivated team of Field Service Engineers
  • Responsible for efficient and effective usage of the available resources
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for efficiency and effectiveness are defined by the management. Targets are subject to change and are agreed on a yearly basis between the team leader and his supervisor


  • First contact for team members and the internal organization for technical and organizational questions and feedback from his team. He will propose solutions if necessary in cooperation with the line manager and the central organization
  • Ensures a positive working environment and participates in creating a good team spirit within the team and organization
  • Development/improvement and implementation of strategy to make sure that the team will reach its specified goal (in cooperation with other team leaders and line managers)
  • Advisory role for training needs within his team. Will follow up the provided training that is put into use by the FSE
  • Executes annual appraisals and follows up on them. Sets the personal objectives and targets for his team (in accordance with and reporting to the line manager). Advises salary and bonus scheme for his team members
  • Follow-up on new FSE’s, goes to customers with them to get a correct idea of where the new FSE’s need guidance/correction
  • Will coordinate planning for FSE with the back office assistant. Is the first in line for escalations both ways, and makes the final decision for bottlenecks (e.g. admin or urgent visit)
  • In cooperation with his colleague team leaders and line manager, he will be responsible for the tools necessary for FSE’s to perform their work correctly. Follow-up on correct toolboxes and in charge of a dedicated special tools stock. Approval of costs according to the chart of authority
  • Will communicate instructions to FSE’s when received clearly by line manager or upper management. Will inform his manager about any need for clear instructions
  • Influences workload for FSE’s, needs to be looked at individually, will escalate to line manager/HR
  • Has final decision on holiday approvals of his team members. Makes that decision in cooperation with other stakeholders, and will agree to practical guidelines to delegate that decision to planning
  • In function of needs and secondary job, the team leader will fulfill a reasonable number of field days, as agreed with his line manager at the beginning of the year. If possible, an amount of days will be together with members of his team, to facilitate future evaluation
  • Participates in recruitments (with line manager), creates job descriptions and determines which profile is necessary
  • Frequently reports to his line manager as agreed with his manager
  • Participates in implementation and creation of company policies
  • Must act according to his role when the situation calls for it (e.g. negative feedback from customers, bad administration, etc.)
  • Proposes priorities for his own work to his manager
  • Initiates product and process improvements
  • Participates in health and safety issues
  • The point of coordination for all service questions/issues with the area sales manager, with who he must establish a regular communication flow/scheme
  • Organizes and maintains the local parts stock and workshop in cooperation with the recycling service manager

Candidate profile

  • Good leadership skills, people management
  • Motivate, delegate, show people the right direction
  • Eager to learn
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, brightness, clarity
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexible
  • Experience in leading
  • Team worker


Master/Bachelor in Technology

Other skills/abilities

Very good knowledge of Italian & English. Knowledge of another language is a plus.

How to apply?

Please send your resume to