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Customer Service Administrator

Our target is to use outstanding Service as differentiating factor in the customer experience. The quality of both activities in the Service back-office, planning and administration, enable on the front-end and secure at the back-end of the process how we are experienced by the customers.
Availability of the correct person, spare parts, flawless processes, high accuracy, customer orientation, professional communication and high handling speed are key elements.


Leuven 4/29/2021

Position Overview:

In the Service Department you will deal with the administration for the field Service Engineers internally and external you will support the customers. Apart from you daily tasks and activities you also will focus on a variety of projects geared toward large scale company initiatives.
Roles and Responsibilities:
• Ensure continuous communication with all stakeholders on activities and initiatives.
• Analysis of order related services and look for adherence to requested delivery dates, cost efficient solutions, productivity of Field Service Engineers and customer- and employee satisfaction.
• Having a clear understanding of the company's policies and vision and how the Back-office contributes to these.
• Liaising with customers, the service teams and departments, other departments (Finance, Project Management, Shipping and Warehouse…)
• Responding to and dealing with customer communication by email and telephone.
• Use of automated and computerized systems where utilized.
• Administrative handling of Field Service Reports after customers visits by the Field Service Engineers.
• Manage and coordinate administrative support services; facilities, security, mail distribution, record management, and other office support tasks.
• Recommend procedure or policy changes to improve the process in the departments.

Candidate profile:

• Excellent communication and facilitation skills with demonstrated ability to work in a team.
• Excellent organizational attitude, knowledge of Service Back-office processes management and strong follow-up skills.
• Ability to relate to customers, their views and issues, locally and in other countries and cultures.
• Strong in correct & accurate work, passionate about Service (products).
• Demonstrated ability to present complex information and issues in a user-friendly manner.
• Fluent in Dutch and English. Professional proficiency in Spanish is a must. Knowledge of French, German and/or other languages are considered as a plus.


• Bachelor degree in Administration or equivalent by experience.
• 5 years of experience in a Service admin function.
• Experience with MS office & ERP system is a plus.

Other skills/abilities:

• You perform operational tasks.
• You are a team player.
• Strong organizational and time management skills.
• Teamwork is a second nature.
• Computer skills are crucial – IFS / SAP, excel, etc.
• You like to work in a fast growing, moving and international environment.
• You like variety, you adapt yourself easily to different environments and you are eager to learn.
• You are an innovator.
• You communicate smoothly.
• You are flexible.
• You act positive and customer oriented.


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How to apply:

Send your resume to