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Sales Application Support Engineer

TOMRA Sorting seek a curious and enthusiastic engineer to join the Indian Food sales team. The successful candidate will work on high technology sensor-based sorting equipment utilising lasers, cameras, multi spectrum technology, BSI, X-ray, LED spectrometry, NIR sensors, etc all incorporated into sorter platforms with advance software functionality. TOMRA are world’s largest food sorting company and the technology leader. The successful candidate will join our local team (sales, service, support, administration, demo hall) supporting our customers with the highest quality solutions on the market. The successful candidate will work closely with the sales team to perform tests and demonstrations on the customers product and achieve world leading results. TOMRA Sorting is honoured to have a large install base with prestigious Indian and APAC Food companies, where our solutions protect their name, brands, reputation and give them commercial advantage. This role offers wide variety.

Bangalore, India 10.08.2021
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The SASE engineer will be the sorter expert. They will be expected to be up to date with the sorter’s capabilities. They will keep up to date by regular training (some in Europe, Asia, or US), meeting and sharing with the global SASE team (ideas, expertise sharing and analysis of reports from the global SASE directory) and by regular test and demo work.

The SASE engineers are a primary technical resource for the field salespeople. The sales team will consult with the SASE team concerning sorter performance, ability, capacity, and sensor set up. The SASE engineer will create reports after each test/demonstration and store these on the SASE directory. They will also work with the sales manager to prepare a version for the customer.

The SASE Engineer will regularly have customers present during a demonstration. They will be supported by the sales manager and must present themselves and communicate in a professional manner. These demonstrations can be stressful if not prepared well in advance. The SASE Engineer is required to be prepared and organised. They are responsible for the quality of the tests and demonstrations. They are responsible for the cleanliness and presentation of the demonstration hall and machines, the storage of customers products and to ensure they have the correct sorter / sensors / training to perform an ‘excellent’ test or demonstration for the customer. Preparation is key to achieve this.

This SASE Engineer will support sales managers and customers in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. These support trips will where possible be well planned. On occasion, as the SASE Engineer is the technical expert, it may be required to assist or train the service team. We are the world-leader (by revenue and technological advancement) in the design and manufacture of hi-tech sensor-based sorting equipment. Our machines are used by customers to assure quality and foreign object control in a way that increases their profitability and strengthens their brand power. Our customers are large farmers, food packers and processors many of whom are household brand names. TOMRA Sorting Food are headquartered in Leuven, Belgium with offices and support hubs across the globe.



  • Maintain expert level of TOMRA product equipment and related applications.
  • Work closely with Sales team and customers.
  • Listen, understand, and convey customer requirements.
  • Articulate technology and product applications to both customers and salespeople.
  • Assist in the development of existing and new sort applications to create successful sorting performance.
  • Always strive to be better and push the boundaries.
  • Perform application tests / demonstrations on a range of TOMRA equipment and challenge results continuously to obtain maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Perform product demonstrations to potential customers. Can be both in-house and at customer location. All with the purpose of convincing potential customers to invest in TOMRA equipment.
  • Take responsibility during all steps in the process of a demonstration. From gathering customer sorting requirements to preparation, performing the demo, cleaning, and providing a detailed test report.
  • Provide application support. Takes responsibility of application related topics and makes sure everything is done to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Respects and strives to achieve personal and team objectives.
  • Help the global SASE team with their contributions. Will be required to attend global SASE meetings and participate on monthly on-line meetings. Identify customer’s needs and sales opportunities to help future growth. Much of our successes is in developing new applications or new techniques. SASE lead TOMRA in this.
  • Travel to customer sites internationally to support all application related issues. In addition to the Indian, Bangladesh and Sri Lankan market the SASE engineer will also support S. Korea, SE Asia and on occasion Australia. These trips will be planned when possible.
  • Must be organised – Demo hall, test sorters, SASE report and folder management, calendars, training schedule, etc.
  • Must be inquisitive, a self-starter and able to work under own initiative.
  • Must be available to travel extensively.
  • Provide English written test reports and communicate with the global team in English.


  • Very good English language skills (written and spoken)
  • Five years plus experience
  • Competitive, strives for maximum performance
  • Customer-minded
  • Good positive drive
  • Team player
  • Eager to learn
  • Eye for detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Flexible
  • Can deal with pressure and deadlines
  • Looks continuously for improvements
  • Challenge himself with the others of the team
  • Is critical and high demanding
  • Can deal with stress and unexpected issues
  • Coordinates his own projects and follows up accordingly
  • Is pro-active
  • Always looking for new opportunities
  • Takes responsibility
  • Interested in technology


Technical qualification, preferably B.S. in Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Electrical, Electronics or General Engineering.


Excellent verbal and written communications skills are required. Proficient in English (verbal and written) is a must. Competent in MS Office packages.

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