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Today, we are not utilizing resources in a sustainable way. In fact, the world is only 9% circular, meaning much of the Earth’s precious resources are only used once, leaving huge untapped potential for more sustainable resource management. TOMRA provides cutting-edge solutions for optimal resource productivity within the recycling, mining and food industries and is therefore uniquely positioned to shape the Circular Economy, creating demand for this way of thinking in the world. At TOMRA we want to be a thought leader, encouraging a more sustainable way of thinking and inspiring active change around the world.

Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany 7/24/2020
Tomra digital team

The Team

We are a small core team of five (like a start-up within the bigger organisation) and we are looking for a driven frontend developer to take ownership and lead the frontend way for our digital offerings. The core team currently consists of a UI/UX owner, a technology owner, a service delivery owner, a back-end developer and another guy who keeps it all together, the head of Digital.

What are we offering?

We are offering a rare opportunity for an outstanding front-end developer to combine their knowledge with doing good in the circular economy and future food.

What would you do?

You will get the freedom to work with the tools and frameworks you see best fit for the task at hand. As a frontend developer, your main focus will be to deliver a web application for browser and mobile. In the future this could also include native apps. We’re looking for a good and experienced javaScript developer with genuine interest for user interaction, design and quality.

Are you interested?

Are you interested? complete your application with cover letter, salary expectations, CV and certificates at this link