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Meet our People

Interested to find out what people at TOMRA do? Meet some of them here!

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Annelie Ernryd Jensen

Financial & Marketing Assistant

"I joined TOMRA as a financial assistant, and has since seen my responsibilities increase into marketing tasks as well."

Dennis Mayer

Product Expert

“When I started working for TOMRA, I was told by my superior that employees have the possibility of professional advancement, depending on their performance and their contribution to TOMRA’s results."

Ines Hartwig

Product Manager Recycling

"Working in a growing industry like Recycling – just being part of it – makes me proud."

Ryan Buzzell

Director Operations

“I’ve been extremely fortunate throughout my career at TOMRA to approach our business from various roles and perspectives.”

Tony Bligh

Principal Imaging Systems Engineer

"I joined Odenberg in November 1997 as a junior software developer after obtaining a Degree in Applied Physics. Over the years I've progressed into more exciting and challenging roles and currently I work as a Principal Imaging Systems Engineer."

1 to 5 of 5