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Dennis Mayer

“When I started working for TOMRA, I was told by my superior that employees have the possibility of professional advancement, depending on their performance and their contribution to TOMRA’s results."

Dennis, an electrician by education, first joined TOMRA as a Service Technician in the Cologne area, with a fixed customer base. In the beginning of 2013 he was promoted to Product Expert, responsible for reverse vending backend systems like ProPac, MasterPac and Sorting Intersection. “It seems I did a good job in my entry-level position. My current position was announced very transparently and there was a fair selection process. And I made it. I am still young, so on the long term I hope to qualify for further interesting and exciting tasks.”

In Dennis’ new position no day is like the other. He answers requests from technicians and support via phone. Sometimes, if customers have special issues with the machines, he also goes out in the field to find solutions. He does analysis and statistics, and project work is also a part of his job. “When new technicians start working for TOMRA, or if we introduce new products, I give trainings as well”, he explains.

 “I very much appreciate the solving of technical issues on the one hand, in combination with conceptual project work in teams on the other. My work is diversified, so no day is like the other. From time to time I can get to the bottom of an issue by using the screwdriver, which is also my passion. I am an open minded person and I love the contact with people. In my job I am in touch with so many internal and external customers – this is great!”

To Dennis, the higher purpose of TOMRA’s activities is a key factor. “Environmental protection is important for peoples’ future. For me personally it is essential to preserve resources. ‘Quality instead of quantity’ is a key topic in my life. Therefore I am proud to add a further brick within TOMRA by doing my work.