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Ryan Buzzell

“I’ve been extremely fortunate throughout my career at TOMRA to approach our business from various roles and perspectives.”
Ryan Buzzell is the Director Operations for TOMRA Collection Solutions in North America

Ryan, whose educational background is a BA degree in Communication, joined TOMRA as a Customer Service Representative and continued in roles as Logistics Analyst, Operations Manager and Logistics Manager. Currently he holds the position as Director Operations in the Metro New York area. 

 “Beginning in Customer Service and then moving into Logistics, I could appreciate the sheer effort involved with coordinating a supply chain in order to provide a high level of service to our customers.  When I became an Operations Manager I began to truly understand the impact that each employee has in making a supply chain possible.  I saw first-hand the innovative spirit of TOMRA when I managed our centralized dispatch center and witnessed a collaboration of managers and dispatchers finding new solutions to challenges such as rising fuel costs.” 

Today he’s proud to be a part of several cross-functional teams within TOMRA that help protect the business in key accounts, grow business in new channels, and ensure that the company continues to operate with the utmost integrity.  Currently responsible for Beverage Distributor Relations in Metro NY, Ryan’s primarily focused on TOMRA North America’s Loss Prevention efforts in order to maintain the integrity of the Reverse Vending system within a sometimes challenging market. “My journey at TOMRA has taught me that none of these things can be accomplished without the right people,” he says.

Most of Ryan’s workdays are project oriented, focused on analysing field data to improve operational efficiency, interacting with customers, or helping fellow employees leverage TOMRA’s information technology. After 8 years with the company, he finds that the values of innovation, passion and responsibility really do hold true at TOMRA:  “I’m able to be creative here and carefully think out the appropriate solution to a problem. I receive great feedback and mentoring, and I’m given the chance to implement my ideas. I feel I have input and my voice is heard at TOMRA. It seems the more I invest in TOMRA, the more TOMRA invests in me. I’ve enjoyed a great career here and look forward to a bright future with the company.”