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Tony Bligh

"I joined Odenberg in November 1997 as a junior software developer after obtaining a Degree in Applied Physics. Over the years I've progressed into more exciting and challenging roles and currently I work as a Principal Imaging Systems Engineer."
 Principal Imaging Systems Engineer

“I work with a great team in Dublin to design and develop new and innovative optical sorting technologies for the food processing industry. We are specialised in pulsed LED based optical systems and sorting whole product fruits and vegetables. My role is to optimise the software technology to realise the highest performance for a wide range of customer applications. Currently, I’m working with my colleagues in TOMRA Sorting Recycling and BEST (the other branch of TOMRA Sorting Food, ed.) to develop a Common Sorting Platform where all our future technological developments are re-usable across the different business streams. “

According to Tony, it’s rare to have a typical day in TOMRA as the role covers so many disciplines and activities. It can involve architecting new sorting designs, implementing software solutions, testing and documenting existing solutions, to meeting the customer and assessing their requirements. “While it can be a pressurised role it is also rewarding professionally and a thoroughly enjoyable experience”, he says. “Tomra is a rapidly growing, employee-friendly business that recognises effort and enables opportunities to all.”