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Addison Road Community Centre drives food and container recycling

Sydney, AUSTRALIA: The Addison Road Community Centre located in Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia has a 9-acre site hosting 23 organizations and 67 artists. The goal for the center is to help as many people as they can and encourage people to recycle both food and their plastic. 

09 August 2018

We run a whole range of different environmental projects, so we have solar generation here, we are part of the “Return and Earn” scheme. We have community gardens, composting, and we also look at trying to foster urban habitats.

Rosy Porter, Addison Road Community Centre




Former human rights organization worker and poverty manager, Rosanna Barbero, is the general manager of the Addison Road Community Centre, with over 20 years’ experience in the global justice movement. The center has theaters, art galleries, re-use centres, aboriginal legal center, radio stations, documentary filmmakers and even an animal welfare organization on site. Barbero is encouraging people to recycle food and use everything for it’s worth. 


The center also provides a TOMRA reverse vending kiosk for recycling as part of the state’s new “Return and Earn” container deposit scheme. Recyclers receive a 10-cent refund when they return eligible beverage container empties for recycling. TOMRA is network operator for the container deposit scheme, together with waste management company Cleanaway, and provides more than 1000 reverse vending machines across New South Wales.

One of their major environmental initiatives is tackling the issue of organic waste, through food recycling. Their on-site grocery store rescues 96 tons of food from being sent to landfill each year, through donations from local businesses. The “Food Pantry” sells it at cheaper prices, to offer affordable and accessible food for people with lower incomes. 

The leftover food goes first to people who need it, then to animals, and then it is turned into compost for the gardens across the site – so that nothing is wasted. The center wants to encourage a positive and sustainable approach to food recycling, and all recycling.