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Case Studies

Take a deep dive into reverse vending and deposit return systems, through the stories of our customers, recyclers and partners.

TOMRA has delivered reverse vending solutions since 1972 to help stakeholders right across the value chain in the return of empty beverage containers for recycling. These case studies spotlight the work and achievements of customers at the heart of Clean Loop Recycling, best practices in deposit return systems, individuals and organizations making a difference through deposit return, and TOMRA partners across the community.

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01 September 2021

Key elements of high-performing deposit return systems: #3 - Return-rate target

In this System Spotlight article series, TOMRA provides a deep dive into the best practices of high-performing container deposit return schemes.

27 August 2021

“Bottles Can Change Lives” recycling appeal supports Australians during Covid-19

AUSTRALIA: As well as the significant health impact, Covid-19 has brought emotional and financial hardship, with many in communities across Australia struggling to put food on the table or pay their rent or bills. Many others have experienced mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. From August 2020 to February 2021, TOMRA joined forces with local deposit return schemes and three well-respected charities to support those in need, through the “Bottles Can Change Lives” recycling appeal.  

11 August 2021

Cans for a Cause empowers youth recycling heroes

Connecticut, UNITED STATES: Connecticut-based organization teaches social responsibility and financial literacy through recycling.

11 August 2021

Key elements of high-performing deposit return systems: #2 – Minimum deposit value

In this System Spotlight article series, TOMRA provides a deep dive into the best practices of high-performing container deposit return schemes.

02 July 2021

Gazton the recycling dog collects 10,000 Swedish crowns in container deposit refunds

Växjö, SWEDEN: The recycling Dalmatian from Sweden cleans up litter in his local community. Since he was a puppy, Gazton has been picking up littered containers during his daily walks and has returned hundreds of containers for recycling.

30 June 2021

eXXpedition research voyages measure and raise awareness of ocean plastic impacts 

eXXpedition is a series of all-female scientific voyages around the world, sailing to do research on and raise awareness about the impact of ocean plastic pollution. With the issue of plastic pollution close to its heart, TOMRA joined the international sailing voyages as a top sponsor, beginning with eXXpedition’s 2018 journey through the North Pacific Gyre (also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) and the 2019-2021 eXXpedition Round The World journey.

14 June 2021

Key Elements of High-Performing Deposit Return Systems: #1 - Broad Scope of Beverages and Containers

In this System Spotlight article series, TOMRA provides a deep dive into the best practices of high-performing container deposit return schemes.

15 April 2021

The Red Cross’s recycling lottery becomes pillar of support for humanitarian work

NORWAY: The recycling lottery has become a major contributor to the Norwegian Red Cross, and a great success for owner Olav Thon Group and collaboration partner TOMRA. The lottery brings together the excitement of a game, protecting the environment, and supporting a charity making an impact.

18 March 2021

Recycling hero, 10-Cent Tom, contributes to climate action by collecting beverage containers in his community

Gold Coast, Australia: Teenage entrepreneur, Tom Pirie, uses the Queensland deposit return scheme to build his own business, save up for a house and encourage his community to take part in climate action.

22 January 2021

K-Citymarket Forssa sees a doubling in store's bottle return volumes

Forssa, FINLAND: The end of 2020 marked a new milestone for K-Citymarket Forssa. K-Citymarket implemented TOMRA’s new R1 reverse vending machine to their store, and saw their bottle return volumes double.

15 January 2021

K-Citymarket in Turku breaks bottle return world record with TOMRA R1

Turku, FINLAND: The TOMRA R1 has landed at the K-Citymarket store in Kupittaa, Turku. The world record for bottle returns was set there in October 2020, through the newest flagship reverse vending machine in the TOMRA family.

24 September 2020

"Cans For Koalas" recycling appeal helps Australian wildlife recover from devastating bushfires

AUSTRALIA: More than 3 billion animals perished as a result of the devastating bushfires of 2019-2020, and millions of other animals have been left homeless. World Wide Fund for Nature Australia partnered with TOMRA to launch the “Cans For Koalas” recycling fundraising appeal to help Australian wildlife recover from this disaster.

27 May 2020

MaxiMat Töcksfors attracts customers with TOMRA R1, the latest revolution in reverse vending 

Töcksfors, SWEDEN: MaxiMat Töcksfors is one of the first customers worldwide to make recycling more WOW for their customers with the new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending machine (RVM). Since the installation of the pilot in March 2019, MaxiMat has been offering their customers a mess-free, easy recycling experience.  

24 February 2020

"Bottles For The Bush" appeal aids rural communities during Australia’s devastating bushfires and drought

New South Wales and Queensland, Australia: When Australia was battling devastating bushfires and drought in late 2019 and early 2020, recyclers in New South Wales and Queensland could help by donating the refund from their empty drink containers to the Bottles For The Bush appeal. 100% of funds would go to Rural Aid to buy food, water and hay for struggling rural communities.

09 January 2020

Plus One Bottle Depot improves customer experience and operations by automated system 

Grande Prairie, CANADA: The Plus One bottle depot owned by Signature Support Services, joined forces with TOMRA Expert Line, E3 High Speed. The modular counting and sorting system for beverage container creates a fast, efficient and friendlier environment for both the Plus One bottle depot and their customers, as well as helping to protect the environment.

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