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Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it — see what our customers, users and partners have to say about their experience with TOMRA.

TOMRA has delivered reverse vending solutions since 1972 to help all stakeholders in the of return empty beverage containers for recycling. Here are some case studies providing a look at how our customers, users and partners have experienced TOMRA's reverse vending solutions and service.

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17 April 2018

Clean Up the WILD gets its start with the New South Wales container deposit scheme

Sydney, AUSTRALIA: Australian wildlife rescuer and father of three, Kane Durrant, was frustrated with the litter in his local area. As owner of Wild Aquarium and Reptile Specialists, he frequently saw the impact of rubbish on the environment, and the damage it does to bird and marine life.

05 December 2017

Central ShopRite makes recycling clean and engaging for customers

Michigan, USA: For third-generation grocery store owner, James Haines, the grocery business has been a passion and a privilege. As an owner of Central ShopRite for the last 23 years, he has seen what works in his business and what needs improvements. When it comes to container recycling, James has done his share of hand-sorting and packing bottles.

21 November 2017

Meny gets maximum uptime and reporting insights

Sandefjord, NORWAY: Two stores in the Meny supermarket chain in Norway have become the first locations worldwide to implement TOMRA’s new reverse vending notification and guidance app, Notify+Assist. The app gives owners of reverse vending machines (RVMs) greater control and insight into recycling activities at their site.

03 May 2017

Key Food cleans up its store and its streets

New York, USA: From a humble start, Ruben Luna is now the owner of nine Key Food stores in Manhattan and Queens. With such success has come additional responsibilities, including figuring out the best way to manage the high volume of redeemable bottles and cans collected by his stores. After reviewing various options, Luna decided that TOMRA had the ideal solution for him. 

01 October 2013

Meny gives its shoppers a cleaner, faster recycling experience

Hasle, NORWAY: The Hasle store in the Meny supermarket chain has become one of the first customers to install TOMRA’s groundbreaking new reverse vending machine, the T-9.

04 September 2013

Coop Obs! increases machine and staff capacity

Fokserød, NORWAY: When changing the entire reverse vending solution to two T-820 Touch front-end machines and TOMRA’s latest backroom solution MultiPac, Coop OBS! in Fokserød got more consumers to return their containers at their store and saved significant time for staff.

04 September 2013

K-Supermarket handles new recycling requirements

Vantaa, FINLAND: In 2012, K-Supermarket Korso decided to invest in a TOMRA MultiPac backroom system to help handle new requirements for accepting non-refillable glass bottles.

01 January 2013

Edeka increases speed and convenience

Lahr, GERMANY: Kohler Lebensmittelhandel Gmbh is a family enterprise, operating seven Edeka supermarkets. Before the introduction of TOMRA reverse vending machines in the stores, shoppers returning their recycling had to ring a bell, and wait for an employee to receive the empty containers. The employee would then tally the total value of the empties using a calculator. 

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