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MultiPac™ is a premium, scalable and space-efficient backroom solution with superior up-time. It fits the T-820 and T-9 front-end models and is the perfect match for stores with high volumes.

MultiPac™ is a highly efficient backroom solution that revolutionizes the process of returning and handling empties, for both customers and store personnel. 

While other backroom systems stop during bin exchange, MultiPac™ continues to run due to the re-routing ability. When a bin is emptied or cleaned, containers are re-routed to the next bin allowing the machine to always run if operated correctly. For the customer, this means they never experience stops while returning used beverage containers. For store personnel, this means they can more easily plan when to empty the bins. 


Key features

Maximum up-time

  • When a bin is full or cleaning is needed, it re-routes to the next empty bin
  • Secures a "non-stop" operation convenient for the consumer
  • Personnel can better plan their tasks

High volume capacity

  • One compactor per fraction
  • Faster processing
  • Prolongs lifetime


  • Easy access and user interface
  • Smart light guidance
  • More convenient and time-saving