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ProPac™ is a flexible backroom solution for moderate volumes, optimized for a combination of non-refillable and refillable containers, and crates. It fits all Front End models.


ProPac™ is a complete backroom system for sorting, transport, compaction and accumulation of empty beverage containers. 

The backroom system can be connected to the side of the machine, or farther out in the room. The system can be set up to allow emptying of the cabinet from right or left side, or from the back. All these variation possibilities make this compactor solution very flexible and easy to adapt to almost any backroom. 

For stores that handle all container types and have a moderate volume of non-refillable beverage containers, ProPac™ offers the optimal solution. 

Key features

Flexibility in layout

  • Allows for  a great variety of designs
  • Easy to tailor to most backroom layouts
  • Add a table or a SoftDrop™ for refillable

Optimized for mixed fractions

  • Has a combined compactor for both PET and cans 
  • Option for crates
  • Can be fitted with a variety of sorters and accumulation options

Flexibility in bin size

  • 2 x half euro pallets
  • 1 x full euro pallets
  • 2 x full euro pallets