Reverse Vending Solutions
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T-9 is TOMRA's new flagship front-end model for stores handling medium to high volumes of non-refillable and refillable containers and crates. T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™, the world's first 360-degree RVM container recognition, enabling machine capabilities unique to the industry.

T-9 is the new reverse vending machine from TOMRA, the first of a new generation that solves traditional tasks in completely new ways. Being faster, cleaner and prepared for handling all types of beverage packaging, T-9 delivers acknowledged benefits to new as well as existing customers.

T-9 is equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™ , the world's first 360-degree container recognition in a reverse vending machine. The T-9 Combi also features the industry-leading TOMRA True Vision™ crate recognition technology.

Key features


  • Instant recognition of barcodes and security marks without rotation stops
  • Allowing a rapid continuous feeding of single containers
  • Increased convenience and peak-hour capacity


  • Reduced need for cleaning compared to other RVMs
  • Required cleaning is made easy and takes little time
  • Saves time for personnel and increases attractiveness

Available in two models

  • For single non-refillable and refillable containers
  • For single non-refillable and refillable containers and crates
  • Both models have touch display and TOMRAPlus interface
  • Both models are designed for easy customization