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H10 and H11

Reliable reverse vending machines for convenience and small stores in need of a space-efficient and straightforward recycling solution.



Two machines, one is right for you

Equipped with optical fraud protection, the H10 and H11 get the job done. Accept non-refillable beverage containers with the H10 or choose the H11 if you need to handle both non-refillable and refillable containers.

Many ways to engage your customers

Share your marketing messages through the 21.5” high-resolution, color touchscreen of the H10 and H11, and combine your machine with TOMRA’s digital tools to reward and build loyalty with your customers. You can also wrap both the H10 and H11 to fit with your store branding.

Easy to place at your store

The H10 and H11 are ideal for customers in need of a space-efficient and flexible solution. Both machines can be placed indoor or at a sheltered outdoor installation. Plus, the H10 and H11 are powered by a standard electrical outlet, making them easy to install.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to their intuitive user-guidance program and large screens, the H10 and H11 are easy to handle – even for untrained store personnel. The H10 and H11 have more store capacity than previous models, reducing the need for bin emptying and ensuring higher uptime.