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System Considerations

To set up an optimal reverse vending system, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Weekly container return volume and container mix
  • Desired frequency of container handling
  • Available space
  • Desired customer service level

So the first step in system selection is to determine what types of beverage containers that the system will be handling – refillable, non-refillable or a combination of both.

Systems for non-refillable containers

A non-refillable container will not be reused, but will be sorted, compacted and sent directly to the recycling plant.

The in-store sorting and compacting makes it possible to keep the material "pure" –  i.e. separate from other types of containers or other unwanted materials. This enables the material to be used for new containers, and not downcycled to less valuable materials.

Systems for refillable containers

Refillable containers can be returned using our machines either individually or in crates, and are then sorted and accumulated in the store before being returned to the brewery/distributor for cleaning and refilling. 

Systems for both refillable and non-refillable containers

Depending on the mix and respective volumes of container types that your installation needs to handle, we can put together an optimal combination of components that will ensure a fast, convenient and reliable system for you and your customers.