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Voucher Control

Experience peace of mind with every payout. Validate customer vouchers before they’re redeemed, offering more security for your business and more flexibility for your customers.

Voucher Control

Peace of Mind with every payout

Voucher Control

Voucher Control

Voucher Control

Voucher Control

Voucher Control
Voucher Control
Voucher Control
Voucher Control

There’s no way to double pay

By validating each voucher with TOMRA’s Voucher Control service, you can be confident you’re only paying each voucher once.

Payout options that work for your customers

Your customers can redeem their physical or digital voucher at any one of your locations, so they can choose the refund method that works best for them.

Make refunds efficient, economical and environmentally-sound

Paperless vouchers are better for the planet, plus fewer paper refills means more uptime and less hassle for your employees.


Product Specifications

  • The scanned voucher is synchronized with TOMRA’s Voucher Control service to confirm that it’s valid.
  • When you know it’s good to go, you can pay the refund out through your Point of Sale terminal, or your customer can take a digital payout to their third party account.*
  • Fraudulent or previously redeemed vouchers are flagged for rejection so you never pay out twice.
  • Integrate with your Point of Sale terminal for seamless payouts, or use our Voucher Validator
  • Compatible with both paper and digital vouchers

How it works

Voucher Control is designed to suit retailers of all sizes, and there are two different options available:

  • Integrated with your point-of-sale (POS) system
  • As a standalone Voucher Validator app


The advanced technology behind Voucher Control ensures top level security, but the way it works is very simple:

  1. Illustration of how voucher control worksWhen an RVM session is completed, the deposit voucher is synchronized and verified with the TOMRA server.
  2. When the voucher is redeemed at the POS, it is controlled against the TOMRA server to verify its authenticity.
  3. If the voucher is false or has already been redeemed, it will be rejected.

Can’t find what you are looking for? We can answer any questions and provide expert advice on machine compatibility, subscription and integration options. Contact us HERE to learn more.