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TOMRA urges holistic approach to battle climate change

In a study commissioned by TOMRA, waste experts Eunomia’s forecast for 2030 identifies global collection and sorting of waste as playing a key role in limiting man-made climate change.
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Technology alone is not enough to achieve a circular economy

Technology alone is not enough to create a closed-loop circular economy: public policy, consumer engagement and collaboration across the value chain are necessary too.
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Waste management contributes to climate protection

TOMRA study – Holistic resource systems could save 2.76 billion tonnes of CO2. What are holistic resource systems? Find out. 
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Successful EPR requires five design principles

TOMRA identifies mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) as a solution to post-consumer packaging waste. 
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Change of awareness due to the coronavirus?

Study: Germans are least willing to consume less in comparison to other European countries - change in behavior among the British.
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TOMRA is ready for the expansion of the deposit return system in Germany from January 2022

TOMRA, the international market leader for reverse vending machines, expects a significant boost to Germany’s circular economy in the new year.

Spouted Pouches: TOMRA and Gualapack join forces for a ground-breaking, full-scale recycling trial

TOMRA and Gualapack work together to prove the recyclability of Gualapack’s first-of-a-kind monomaterial PP spouted pouch through all stages of treatment of a DKR rigid PP waste stream. 

TOMRA’s Circular Economy Conference: Collaboration to “Close the Loop on Plastics”

High-quality recycling starts with targeted collection. Read more about our two-day "Closing the Loop on Plastic" conference in Frankfurt. 

TOMRA announces commitment for 40% of all plastic packaging produced worldwide to be collected for recycling by 2030

TOMRA president and CEO Stefan Ranstrand announces a commitment to enable 40 per cent of plastic packaging produced globally each year to be collected for recycling by 2030, at Our Ocean conference in Oslo.

INEOS Styrolution offers mechanically recycled polystyrene

INEOS's “Styrolution® PS ECO 440” is based on TOMRA’s high-quality NIR sorting process delivering a polystyrene purity of more than 99.9%.
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Achieving a circular economy with sensor-based ore sorting technology

Last March the European Commission announced its Circular Economy Action Plan as one of the main blocks of the European Green Deal.
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TOMRA and Borealis open state-of-the-art plant for post-consumer plastic waste sorting and advanced mechanical recycling

Learn more about our advanced mechanical recycling demo plant in Lahnstein, Germany, the result of a partnership that marries chemistry with technology for unsurpassed results.