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TOMRA Food maximizes protein's profitability from meat poultry rendering and pet food

Maximizing protein's profitability from meat, poultry, rendering and pet food

TOMRA digital transformation presentation with Brendan O'Donnell

As the leader in optical sorting technology, TOMRA is committed to developing and adapting new technologies to help almond processors create higher value products and maximize grower returns without sacrificing profitability. In this video, TOMRA reveals how big data and analytics are used to uncover hidden inefficiencies, unlocking the potential of your process with the power of information and providing accessibility all the way to your mobile device.
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Removing lethal aflatoxins from pet food

As a large number of product recalls recently showed, plant-based ingredients in pet foods can hide a dangerous poison. The near-invisible threat is aflatoxin, one of the mycotoxins produced by certain molds (fungi) on plants such as corn, grain and tree nuts. When this slips into the food chain undetected, it can harm pets and pet food manufacturers’ reputations.

TOMRA Food announces new organization

TOMRA Food announced today its new organization focused on two business areas, Fresh Food and Processed Food. This change creates a powerful organization, unique in the world, which brings together the most extensive technology portfolio, the widest array of Research & Development skills, and the strongest global footprint in the sector.

How tuna processors are improving profitability with a new sorting technology

Tuna processing is demanding, fiddly, and hugely labor intensive. So many people are involved in removing bones and scales from the fish, and in separating the differing colors and qualities of meat, that the risk of human errors is ever-present. So too are the risks of worker-related foreign materials, such as clothing fibers and strands of hair, falling into the product.

Solving the challenge of potato processing for kettle chips

The booming popularity of kettle chips (known in some parts of the world as ‘crisps’) brings potato processors a mixture of opportunities and challenges. Opportunities lie in the strong demand for a potato-based product that commands a premium price. Challenges arise because what originated as a low-volume ‘artisan’ snack must now be produced in vast and faultless quantities for big-brand retailers with reputations to protect.

Vegetables - a critical part of the future of food

Today, we are delighted to give the stage to Jason Schenker, Chairman of the Futurist Institute; President of Prestige Economics and bestselling writer on many innovative topics, such as future food challenges.
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The multiple benefits of sorting cashews with machines

Cashew processing in India is getting more challenging, especially considering manual labor and the current global environmet. Maximizing quality is especially important to maintaining India’s reputation as a premium cashew market and perhaps the best weapon to have in the battle for product quality and commercial competitiveness is optical sorting machines. Acquiring such machines is a significant financial decision, but also a wise investment that pays back with rich rewards.

Potatoe fresh packers are finding that sorting machines solve many challenges

Running a potato fresh pack line involves keeping an eye on so many variables that it can seem like juggling – and now, because of COVID-19, there are more balls to keep in the air. Performing the seemingly impossible can become possible, however, when TOMRA Food provides a helping hand. TOMRA’s optical sorting machines, well known for sorting to high levels of accuracy with low levels of waste, also solve a wide range of pack line challenges which have intensified since the emergence of COVID-19.

Quality is vital for leafy greens

With the demand for fresh, convenient and healthy food growing among consumers, leafy greens are the order of the day. From fresh cut to pre-washed and pre-packaged products, this is a rapidly growing market with significant potential.

How Digitalization of the Supply Chain will reduce global food waste

The scale of the global food waste problem is staggering. According to reports, 1.6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted every year, equating to a total value of $1.2 trillion being wiped from the supply chain. With one-third of the total amount of food produced globally being misused, the industry needs to look towards innovation and digitalization to combat this ever-growing trend.
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Resolving challenges in peanut process industry

With global peanut production huffing past the 45 million metric ton mark in 2018, according to International Nut and Dry Fruit Board, the global appetite for this unassuming ground nut has been skyrocketing. Not only have peanuts established themselves as an increasingly versatile food item in the human diet, but their consumption is distributed globally, with China producing and consuming approximately 40% of the produce.

Overcoming 5 main challenges in global almond industries