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Mining: a vital link in the transition to a net-zero economy

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TOMRA celebrates 50th anniversary by announcing World Without Waste mission

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TOMRA Mining holds second successful seminar on sensor-based sorting in Toronto

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Neon sign that reads "Toronto"

TOMRA Mining holds second successful seminar on sensor-based sorting in Toronto

TOMRA Mining’s seminar on sustainable mining solutions through sensor-based sorting covered a wide range of topics, starting with an introduction to the various sorting technologies, and including different applications, test work, design and economic considerations. Every topic was backed up with practical examples from case studies of ore sorting projects. The presentations gave rise to interesting discussions about the state of the art of sensor-based sorting in mining today and its potential for the future as the industry transitions to green mining.

Technology alone is not enough to achieve a circular economy

TOMRA, a global leader in sensor-based technologies with more than 50 years’ experience in diverse sectors such as the Food, Recycling and Mining industries, has understood that technology alone is not enough to create a closed-loop circular economy: public policy, consumer engagement and collaboration across the value chain are necessary too.

New CEO announced for TOMRA

Tove Andersen joins TOMRA from global agricultural products and environmental protection agents provider YARA International where she is currently executive vice president Europe.

TOMRA Sorting Mining widens its offer as digitalization in the mining sector accelerates

In a challenging market, mining companies under increasing pressure to improve the environmental performance, efficiency, and safety of their operations are turning to digitalization and advanced analytics. Data captured in their mines provides valuable insights, enabling them to make fact-based strategic decisions, improve their processes, reduce downtime, shrink their environmental footprint, and enhance safety. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are proving useful in training and problem solving on-site.

TOMRA Sorting Mining breaks new ground with unique XRT Final Recovery solution that guarantees 99% diamond recovery

TOMRA Sorting Mining has launched the new TOMRA COM XRT 300 /FR Final Recovery sorter, which delivers concentration factors up to 1 million with limited stages and is the only solution on the market that guarantees >99% diamond recovery.

TOMRA Sorting Mining launches TOMRA ACT, a new intuitive user interface for easy optimization of work flow and improved productivity

The new TOMRA ACT graphical user interface (UI) heralds a fundamental change in the way customers interact with their machines, making it extremely easy to control the work flow in their sorting process with simple, intuitive, touch gestures and actions on the screen.

TOMRA Sorting Mining opens access to comprehensive technical information in new diamond microsite

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TOMRA Insight, the powerful data platform for enhancing sorting efficiencies, is now available for mining applications

TOMRA Insight, the cloud-based data platform which enables sorting machine users to improve operational efficiencies, is being rolled out to more industries. Following its successful launch last year by TOMRA Sorting Recycling, TOMRA Insight is now also being made available to customers of TOMRA Mining and TOMRA Food, and for all three of these industries, the platform is enhanced by new features and functionalities.

TOMRA’s promise to diamond mining operations: 98% diamond recovery guaranteed

TOMRA is today the world’s leading supplier of X-Ray Transmission (XRT) diamond recovery technology, having recovered some of the largest and rarest gemstones in history. TOMRA’s promise to customers is simple: 100% detection in the specified range, irrespective of luminescence profile or coating, and a guaranteed diamond recovery greater than 98%.

Achieving a circular economy with TOMRA’s sensor-based ore sorting technology

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TOMRA introduces virtual demonstration and test sessions to support mining operations

TOMRA’s Test Centers play a key role in the company’s collaborative approach to supporting customers with their ore sorting requirements. Based on the tests conducted on TOMRA equipment with material from the customer’s mine, the Centre can provide an initial feasibility study and detailed reports on the machine’s performance with the sample.

New headquarters affirm TOMRA Sorting Mining's commitment to southern Africa

TOMRA has opened new regional headquarters in Johannesburg to strengthen its commitment to customers in southern Africa. This initiative is designed to enhance customer care through even better technical support, service, and training, and to ensure prompt availability of spare parts. The move will also improve operational efficiencies by bringing together under one roof all three TOMRA business divisions: Mining, Recycling, and Food.

Profitable Green Mining is a reality with TOMRA’s advanced sorting technologies

TOMRA’s advanced sensor-based sorting technologies offer mining operations the dual benefits of energy efficiency and the ability to recover valuable ore even from sub-economic deposits or dumps. This has become increasingly relevant as the mining industry – a very large consumer of energy – is shifting towards a Green Mining approach to reduce its environmental footprint in the face of climate change, while running profitable operations.

TOMRA XRT technology at Lucara recovers 1,758 carat diamond

TOMRA Sorting Mining is pleased to announce one of the largest diamonds in recorded history, an unbroken 1,758 carat stone, was recovered by TOMRA XRT sensor technology commissioned by Lucara Diamond Corp at its Karowe Mine in Botswana.
Ebook header - When sorters become data generating machines

TOMRA Mining Ebook - When sorters become data generating machines

TOMRA Mining has published a new eBook to help mines enhance efficiencies and profitability by using information gathered by sorting machines. The easy-to-read, 21-page booklet, titled ‘When Sorters Become Data Generating Machines’, explains how businesses can “connect to possibilities” with the TOMRA Insight data platform, and the competitive advantages this gives.
recovery of Diamonds sorting house

TOMRA Mining to demonstrate ground-breaking diamond Final Recovery sorter at Electra Mining 2022

TOMRA Mining will showcase its sensor-based ore sorting solutions on Booth M30-7 at the Mining Indaba 2023 exhibition, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 6-9 February. Of particular interest will be its latest innovation in diamond recovery, the COM XRT 300 /FR sorter, a unique new-generation machine that has the potential to revolutionise diamond flowsheets.
COM Tertiary XRT at Test Center

TOMRA MINING breaks new ground with unique XRT ore sorting solution for fine particles

TOMRA Mining has launched a new ejection module for its proven COM Tertiary XRT sorter specifically developed for sorting small particle sizes. The COM Tertiary XRT Fines sorter, featuring the new TS100C module and the recently introduced image processing unit, is capable of sorting particle sizes down to 4mm in high-capacity applications with much higher energy efficiency, delivering a high-quality product at low operating costs. Field tests have shown that it can deliver a 70% reduction in energy use on a production scale.
Electra Mining COM XRT 300 FR

TOMRA Mining to demonstrate ground-breaking diamond Final Recovery sorter at Electra Mining 2022

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