Reverse vending News 2020

TOMRA offers European retailers insights into reverse vending recycling at EuroShop

Early look at container deposit schemes and impact on plastic waste, at world’s largest retail trade fair in Dusseldorf on 16-20 February

Making beverage container recycling work in any conditions

Launching TOMRA S1 Rugged, working harder, even outside

TOMRA at EuroShop spotlights new reverse vending products and the future of recycling

Latest reverse vending innovations for stores and industry insights at world’s largest retail trade fair, in Dusseldorf on 16-20 February

Deposit return system kicks off in Portugal with TOMRA for campus recycling

Global reverse vending leader and Nova School of Business & Economics launch deposit return scheme

Victorian container deposit scheme backs best practice

TOMRA congratulates the Victorian Government on its commitment to a modern, high-performing and convenient container deposit scheme (CDS).
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Pour out your container recycling and walk away TOMRA R1 previews Express returns

Multi-feed reverse vending and digital payout gives shoppers first fully-automated recycling experience

TOMRA joins forces with ReAct on Internet of Things platform for greater retail productivity

Reverse vending updates bring smoother operations on in-store communication platform
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Beverage container recycling toughens up with TOMRA S1 concept

Beverage container recycling toughens up with TOMRA S1 concept

TOMRA welcomes the passing of Scotland's deposit return scheme into law

TOMRA has welcomed the news that yesterday, the 13th May, Scotland’s “landmark” deposit return scheme (DRS) was passed into law by the Scottish Parliament, placing it at the forefront of the circular economy.

Now Finnish recyclers can return over 100 drink containers in one go

“TOMRA R1” reverse vending solution launches in Finland to give shoppers more attractive, convenient recycling experience
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Containers For Change deposit return system launches in Western Australia

TOMRA on board with five recycling centers, program brings jobs and critical charity funding.
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SodaStream and TOMRA partner up for CO2 cylinder returns to reverse vending machines

The reverse vending machines will enable SodaStream customers to easily return their empty carbonating CO2 gas cylinders at SodaStream retailers.

Now recyclers can empty an entire bag of drink containers in seconds

Multi-feed reverse vending solution gives shoppers more attractive, convenient recycling experience
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TOMRA Talks on the future of recycling

During EuroShop 2020 in February, the world’s largest retail trade fair, TOMRA played host to TOMRA Talks: a series of lightning talks on the future of recycling. TOMRA experts and its external community of thought leaders and partners revealed industry insights and discussed innovations and learnings that make recycling a win for consumers, business and the environment.

TOMRA wraps up a successful EuroShop

TOMRA Collection Solutions has returned from EuroShop 2020, the world’s largest trade fair for the retail sector, where we put recycling to work for retailers.