Reverse vending News 2022

New deposit return system for beverage containers launches in Slovakia

A new deposit return system to encourage recycling of empty drink containers kicked off in Slovakia on Saturday, January 1, 2022. What awaits consumers and the stores serving as container return points, and how will the entire system work? Read the detailed Q&A about Slovakia’s brand new deposit system

TOMRA celebrates New South Wales container deposit scheme agreement extension

TOMRA Cleanaway joint venture will continue in the role of Network Operator under the New South Wales container deposit scheme

TOMRA Collection launches developer portal to support its suite of APIs

TOMRA continues work to maximize the digital capabilities of its reverse vending machines.

Supermarkets can now offer digital recycling refunds through their store loyalty programs

TOMRA launches Digital Payout API to enable integration of electronic payout for a more convenient and environment-friendly container recycling experience

New Zealand announces deposit return system for drink containers

Government opens consultation for recycling system design initiatives

TOMRA welcomes the news that an "All-In" DRS is coming to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

TOMRA has reacted to the latest findings from the consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and its impact on the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

TOMRA launches new EasyPac for easier cleaning and greater convenience for supermarket staff

“Backroom” solution for reverse vending machines get a revamp

Senior Minister of State Dr Amy Khor and Norway Ambassador to open TOMRA Resource Transformation Centre in Singapore

Singapore to be TOMRA Collection’s launchpad to expand presence in the region

TOMRA marks 50th anniversary highlights urgent need to accelerate circular economy

New mission seeks to address the way the world manages wasteNew mission seeks to address the way the world manages waste
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Romania prepares for deposit return system

Latvia’s upcoming deposit return system appoints TOMRA as reverse vending provider

Global reverse vending leader TOMRA to start rolling out return technology across the country for beverage container recycling

Latvia today launches new container deposit return system with TOMRA

Global reverse vending leader rolls out return locations across the country for drink container recycling.

TOMRA is ready for the expansion of the deposit return system in Germany from January 2022

TOMRA, the international market leader for reverse vending machines, expects a significant boost to Germany’s circular economy in the new year