TOMRA Waste and Metal Recycling

Waste and Metal Recycling Customer Stories

Our flexible sorting systems perform an extensive range of sorting tasks and can be found at numerous recycling sites around the world. Discover what TOMRA Recycling clients have been able to accomplish thanks to our partnership in planning, implementing, and optimizing automatic sorting machines to suit their specific needs.
mustang santa barbara tomra recycling MSW

Quick-change mixed waste processing

Santa Barbara County’s Resource Center efficiently sorts both MSW and single stream using the same circuit with TOMRA AUTOSORT™ units to successfully reduce landfilling

Argentinian recycler Reciclar S.A. processes up to 600 million plastic bottles per year thanks to TOMRA

TOMRA and Reciclar S.A. collaborate to advance a circular economy for plastics in Latin America. The Argentinian plant, with a surface area of more than 22,000 m2, features the latest generation of TOMRA Recycling Sorting equipment.
metal recycling scrap pile alutrade

Alutrade Ltd recovers 99% pure aluminum thanks to TOMRA’s sophisticated new X-TRACT™ unit

Alutrade, the UK’s largest independent aluminum recycling company and extrusion specialist, is the first company in the world to reap the benefits of the sophisticated new sensor-based sorting solution.
Tom Roger Fossum, Technical Manager ROAF_low res

The fully automated plant ROAF maximizes recovery rates thanks to TOMRA’s optical sorters 

TOMRA’s optical sorters maximizes recovery rates for ROAF, a fully automated Municipal Solid Waste sorting plant.
This is the first UK application of optical sorting technology in an AD facility

Swancote and TOMRA partnership marks first UK application of optical sorting technology in an AD facility

A partnership between TOMRA and Swancote Energy has resulted in the first application of optical sorting technology in an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility in the UK.

TOMRA Recycling chosen as equipment provider of DGrade's new sorting plant in Abu Dhabi

DGrade opened its first sorting facility situated in Abu Dhabi to produce high-quality recycled plastic content for the industries with the help of TOMRA’s AUTOSORT™ and AUTOSORT™ FLAKE.
asahi koseki

TOMRA Recycling’s new AUTOSORT® boosts sorting accuracy of plastic contained and food packaging

Asahi Koseki, the first company in Japan to introduce the new AUTOSORT® unit, now reaping the benefits of increased productivity and improved operations.

PENYAPSAN, an affiliate of Pendik Municipality, keeps packaging waste sorting operations uninterrupted thanks to TOMRA

PENYAPSAN, a packaging waste sorting facility situated in Pendik Municipality, continues its operations with high efficiency thanks to TOMRA's after-sales services.
BariQ PET plastics tomra recycling

The largest rPET producer in the MENA region chose TOMRA’s bottle-to-bottle sorting solutions for its new recycling plant in Egypt

BariQ for Techno and Advanced Industries celebrates the signing for constructing a new PET bottle-to-bottle recycling plant that will feature the latest plastic sorting systems from TOMRA Recycling in Giza Governorate, Egypt.
blue group mrf tomra

Blue Group chooses sensor-based sorting technology from TOMRA as part of Cireco’s MRF upgrade

A multimillion-pound plant refurb and investment in new equipment from TOMRA Recycling has helped boost material recovery rates and more than doubled capacity at Cireco’s state-of-the-art MRF in Dunfermline, Fife, on Scotland’s east coast.
relux machines tomra

RELUX installs TOMRA's X-TRACT for efficient battery sorting

RELUX uses TOMRA's X-TRACT equipped with the latest battery sorting technology, enabling a successful recovery and recycling of different battery types.
ivar iks recycling plant

Mixed waste sorting changing the game at IVAR IKS in Norway

TOMRA and a Norwegian waste sorting plant have demonstrated that mixed waste sorting prior to disposal is a superior solution to separate collection.
autosort mrf biffa

Biffa upgrades its Aldridge MRF with the latest sensor-based sorting technology from TOMRA Recycling

Leading waste management company, Biffa, has invested in the very latest in sensor-based sorting technology from TOMRA as part of an equipment upgrade.
centro rottami indivest aluminum recycling x-tract

The new life for recycled aluminium, thanks to Centro Rottami, Indinvest and TOMRA machines

In the province of Latina, a scrap recycler supplies a nearby foundry with recycled aluminum that has been sorted by TOMRA’s machines to produce a green billet with 85% recycled content.
interecycling 2021

Interecycling Sociedade de Reciclagem relies on TOMRA’s FINDER and FINDER with NIR sensor for WEEE separation

Interecycling, S.A., a Portuguese company associated to the Marcovil - Metalomecânica de Viseu, S.A. Group, relies on TOMRA Recycling for its new line of separation of metals and plastics. 
xrt technology wood sorting

TOMRA Recycling’s X-TRACT dramatically improves productivity of industrial waste management

Contributing to the circular economy by enabling the recycling of high-quality woodchips and other valuable secondary resources from industrial waste
la charente public waste recycling facility

La Charente relies on TOMRA technologies for sorting cardboard and packaging waste from its region

TOMRA Recycling has supplied Calitom, the public waste management body in Charente, with optical sorting machines and ongoing support since 2015.

TOMRA Recycling and MASOTINA: highly targeted plastic sorting boosts recycling volumes and purity

Thanks to the latest generation of TOMRA’s technology, MASOTINA is today reaping the benefits of ‘tailor-made’ plastic sorting solutions.
indorama 2021

A collaboration for shaping the future of recycling in Mexico: TOMRA Recycling & Indorama Ventures

Supported by TOMRA’s advanced sorting machines the expansion of line 2 in Indorama Ventures EcoMex was concluded this year.
pnw 2021

Quality product at a higher quantity

PNW Metal Recycling Inc. makes new products, quadruples Zorba product offering with new WENDT-TOMRA ASR processing plant
premier surplus tomra 2020

Premier Surplus

Premier Surplus automates E-waste processing with TOMRA AUTOSORT® FINES to take efficiencies to the next level.
textiles sorting

TOMRA and STADLER deliver the world’s first fully automated textile sorting plant in Malmö, Sweden

TOMRA and STADLER delivered the fully automated sorting plant for Sysav Industri AB, which sorts pre- and post-consumer mixed textile waste, in Sweden.
stadler uk limited

TOMRA and STADLER UK Limited chosen as technology providers VIRIDOR'S £15.4M Masons MRF transformation

STADLER and TOMRA worked in close collaboration from the earliest stages of the tender enquiry to ensure plant and equipment met Viridor’s requirements.
ecoparque pernambuco

TOMRA’s sensor-based technology enables high-volume, high-quality sorting for Ecoparque Pernambuco

TOMRA innovative sensor-based sorting solutions are operating in the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Treatment Center at EcoParque Pernambuco.
koppitz paper recycling

TOMRA’s latest generation AUTOSORT® boosts plant capacity and purity levels of recovered paper fractions

Having worked together for more than 20 years, the partnership between TOMRA Sorting Recycling and leading German recycling company, Koppitz Entsorgungs-GmbH, has reached a new milestone. 
Picture of Tomra employee and wellman employee speaking

Wellman International

In the Netherlands, on the banks of the river Rhine, Wellman International uses digital sorting data from our TOMRA Insight dashboard to optimize their sorting process and to improve the recyclability of packaging.
tokzin plant

TOMRA Sorting Technology helps Tokzin in the production of high-quality PET Flakes

Some leading recycling companies in China are already seizing new opportunities and upgrading their recycling facility to embrace these new opportunities. Tokzin, a sorting plant producing high-quality PET flakes, proves that investment pays off.
luhai recycling center

Luhai builds national resource recycling base with TOMRA's sensor based-sorting technology

Luhai, an integrated waste management company located in Xiamen, China, turns waste into high-value products since 2000. 
autosort flake burkasan

Burkasan has chosen TOMRA’s sorting technology to recycle HDPE bottles in its new plant

Burkasan uses TOMRA in its new plastic recycling plant: equipped with AUTOSORT® and AUTOSORT® FLAKE is capable of sorting 5 tons of waste per hour.
Irish case study

TOMRA sorting boosts paper recovery at Ireland's largest household recycling facility

Cutting-edge sensor-based sorting technology from TOMRA has been deployed to boost paper recovery at Ireland’s largest household recycling facility.
las dehease waste treatment plant

Automation of URBASER-managed Las Dehesas Waste Treatment Centre with TOMRA Technology

URBASER, the environmental management company with 128 plants in different Spanish cities, has automated two lines at the Las Dehesas Waste Treatment Centre through the incorporation of six AUTOSORT units.
Diagram of sorting installation for recycling

TOMRA helps China's Jinlijia achieve high efficiency in its scrap-metal sorting operation

The efficiency of Jinlijia's sorting and recovery of non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel, was significantly enhanced by installing the FINDER.

Montello S.P.A. and TOMRA: when excellence chooses excellence.

Montello S.p.A. uses the latest sensor-based technology of 40 TOMRA machines to give a new lease of life to tonnes of post-consumer plastic.

Aurubis AG

In 2008, Aurubis AG, headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, became the first company to implement TOMRA Sorting’s comprehensive electronic scrap process – a recycling solution which has since been deployed in a variety of custom formats by a number of other recycling plants.
Household waste sorting in Chania, Greece


The DEDISA waste management plant is located in the prefecture of Chania, of the island of Crete, in the south of Greece and serves a population of 155 000 inhabitants, which represents around 25% of the island’s total population.
One of the advanced MSW sorting plants in Europe


New system, equipped with 10 AUTOSORT units and one X-TRACT unit, enables Békéscsaba to process 120,000 tonnes of MSW waste a year.
Regene plant sorting

SUEZ Regene Atlantique, France

SUEZ Regene Atlantique is a French plant owned by the SUEZ group which specializes in the recovery and recycling of PET bottles.
Inside the MT plant_v

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park: putting Circular Economy thinking into practice

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park is a world-class waste treatment facility, which aims to deal with black bag waste in a sustainable way.
Granada Planta Alhendin

Granada Eco-center: technology at the service of efficient material recovery

Granada Eco-Center, in Alhendin (Granada), with a nominal capacity of 450,000 tons per annum, is totally automated and is one of the leading facilities in waste recycling at the national level, and had a 10.8% waste recovery rate on inputs last year.
merc south korea

MERC - Metropolitan Electronics Recycling Center, South Korea

A better value product by replacing DMS by sensor-based sorting – Separating WEEE in South Korea

Sorting and recycling municipal solid waste (MSW) in Xiamen city, China

TOMRA Sorting Recycling is playing a pivotal role in the implementation of automatic sorting at the MSW plant in Xiamen
ecopark 4

Ecopark 4, Spain, trusts AUTOSORT for the efficient automation of its separation processes

Ecopark 4 in Hostalets de Pierola (Barcelona), part of the infrastructure of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), uses ten of TOMRA Sorting Recycling's AUTOSORT optical separators, which currently recover 90% of sortable material. 
paper atelier

Atelier Fouesnantais

TOMRA’s unique application for sorting graphic paper within the recovery of fibrous or flat material fractions for selective collections has now become a hot topic in France.
Planta Balsamo Reciclagem _1

Upgrading of plastics with AUTOSORT at Balsamo Reciclagem, Brazil

Balsamo Reciclagem upgraded its plant with the installation of the innovative AUTOSORT optical sorter.
TITECH autosort 4 en Centro RSU Alcázar de San Juan_2_web

The Alcázar de San Juan waste management plant now has four TITECH AUTOSORT units

The latest remodeling of the MSW Management Plant in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real, Spain) includes two new AUTOSORT 4 optical sorting units.
grino group spain

Leading-edge technology at the Griñó Group packaging sorting plant in Lleida, Spain

Griñó Ecologic has installed three AUTOSORT 4 sensor-based sorters at its packaging sorting plant in Montoliu de Lleida. The latest-generation equipment at the Montoliu plant is more compact, reliable, power-efficient and accurate.
All three lines_Jin Yi Polyester Fiber

Jin Yi Polyester Fiber, a polymer fiber specialist, Hebei, China

Polymer fiber specialist Jin Yi Polyester Fiber installed nine TITECH autosort units to sort PET bottles and remove impurities in 2011 and 2013.
PET flakes

Evolve Polymers, UK

Even to the trained eye it is impossible to tell the difference between a clear PVC and PET flake, so when Evolve Polymers challenged TOMRA to sort the 'impossible' to a new level of purity, the foundations were laid for a partnership that would result in a world first for plastics sorting.
ecoparque la rioja

MSW Sorting at Tratamiento de Residuos La Rioja, Spain

X-TRACT waste sorting system delivers benefits at La Rioja Eco-Park, Spain. It enables the Eco-Park to guarantee the minimum quality required in the product obtained and thereby increase the overall performance of the process.
regen technologies tomra

Re-Gen Waste chooses TOMRA’s innovative sensor-based technology to transform sorting processes at its industry-leading MRF

TOMRA Recycling’s sensor-based sorting solutions have been chosen to upgrade the processing and quantity of recycled fractions at one of Europe’s most advanced materials recycling facilities (MRFs) in Northern Ireland.
mtb plant 2021

MTB and TOMRA join forces in metal recycling

MTB, a well-known recycler of non-ferrous metals, has recently expanded its plant with a Zero Waste Metal sorting line equipped with two TOMRA machines.