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Waste and Metal Recycling News 2020

bottle to bottle way i go

The bottle-to-bottle way I go

Door to door, simply picking up stray bottles from the curbside, reverse vending are only some ways of taking the first step towards recycling PET bottles.
sounds of pure flakes plastic recycling

TOMRA’s latest plastic flake sorting solutions deliver unparalleled recovery and purity results in PO recycling

Thanks to the latest applications of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s sensor-based flake sorting solutions, customers are now able to achieve unparalleled recovery and purity rates of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), both of which are polyolefins (PO). 
flying beam philip knopp

TOMRA Recycling empowers light intensity of Flying Beam™ for advanced sorting accuracy

TOMRA gives more insight into its engineering advancements made to its FLYING BEAM™ technology. A detailed explanation of the new version.

Using sensor-based sorting technology to derive maximum value from ELV scrap

Martin Song, Area Sales Manager Korea, explores the challenges associated with recovering high volumes of high purity materials from ELVs
aluminum material recycling

TOMRA Recycling addressing the challenges of aluminium recycling

Demand for aluminium has risen over recent years and is predicted to increase further over the next two decades.
flakes sorting

Integrated flake sorting solutions paving the way to increased quality

When it comes to plastic waste, now more than ever emphasis is being placed on handling this resource in a responsible, sustainable manner.
autosort digital launch

TOMRA Recycling celebrates digital launch of its latest and most advanced sorting solutions

Today marked the global launch of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s latest advanced sorting solutions to meet demand for faster, more efficient and smarter material sorting – both now and in the future.
world environment day

World Environment Day: how you can take care of me, Earth

Celebrate World Environment Day by celebrating Earth and by celebrating all the steps you are taking to work towards a more sustainable future.
magnesium zorba twitch

Groundbreaking innovation - TOMRA Recycling enables the production of low magnesium twitch from zorba

Global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, is renowned for spearheading technological developments and its latest innovation is no exception.
aluminum sorting

Maximum sorting efficiency and increased scrap aluminum quality achieved through the use of TOMRA technology

TOMRA Sorting Recycling's X-Ray Transmission (XRT) technology with its X-TRACT™ and X-TRACT™ X6 FINES units is highly recommended for efficiently separating aluminum and aluminum alloys from heavy metals, which delivers consistent quality for the resulting raw materials and products.

New TOMRA headquarters in South Africa

New Johannesburg premises will help sorting and recycling businesses recover more value from waste
business unit usa

TOMRA opens new recycling business unit HQ in North America

New Charlotte location to serve as waste and metals recycling solutions base for customers in North, Central and South America
eu priorities

Circular economy and plastics become EU priorities

Over the past five years, circular economy and plastics pollution have become one of the priorities of the European Union (EU).