Aluminum Recycling Industry Outlook

Relive the webinar hosted by TOMRA on May 20th 2021 and learn more about key trends, market insight and the latest sorting technologies available for the aluminum sorting industry.

Meet the panelist

Terry Keyworth

Segment Manager Metal Recycling North/East Europe Terry Keyworth is Segment Manager Metal Recycling North/East Europe for TOMRA Sorting Limited. With over 25 years’ experience in the metal recycling arena, he has held previous Commercial and Technical roles within the metal shredding sector. In his presentation he will focus on the sorting technology available to meet both recyclers and markets demands of recycled aluminum.

Tom Jansen

Segment Manager Metal Recycling South/West Europe With close to 20 years of experience in providing sensor-based solutions for metal scrap sorting, Tom holds the role of Segment Manager Metal Recycling South/West Europe for TOMRA Sorting. Since 2011, he has been supporting the metal recycling market for TOMRA in many geographical areas worldwide, with in recent years a special focus on the aluminum scrap sorting applications.

Patrik Ragnarsson

Senior Manager Automotive & Transport Patrik Ragnarsson joined European Aluminium in 2010 and works as a Senior Manager in the Automotive & Transport Group responsible for advocacy, communication and project management of the group. In our webinar, he will address the general trends in the automotive sector, especially with regards to an increase in electronic vehicle production, and detail the role aluminum plays within the sector.

Edward Georges

Commercial Manager, Alutrade Ltd. Edward George has been working for over 20 years in the field of aluminum extrusion and currently acts as Commercial Manager at Alutrade, the UK’s largest independent recycler of aluminium cans and extrusion. He has worked for a number of established businesses, including Hydro and Sapa Profiles. Edward will share his view on the scrap recycling landscape and reasons to have advanced technologies in place.