TOMRA 3A with Artificial Intelligence

The future of optical sorting is here, driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, just in time for the 2023 harvest.

The TOMRA 3A now comes with a newly integrated AI and machine learning system giving it optimal advancements for sorting and classifying harvested potatoes covered in different soil types. In addition to sorting foreign material, the TOMRA 3A utilizes advanced potato classification powered by AI and machine learning to better distinguish between soil-covered potatoes and soil clods often missed by the competition.

Equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen, the TOMRA 3A safeguards monitoring of the sort with total control. It is simple to install, use and maintain, making it ideal for the busy farmer.

  • TOMRA 3A sorting machine

    Easy to use AI and machine learning system to optimize the removal of foreign material and classification
  • Gumz

    Higher efficiency in sorting foreign materials such as dirt clods, stones, wood, bones, plastic, glass, metal, and rubber with higher accuracy and consistency
  • Vanroey_2

    Labor shortage replacement solutions to save you time and money during harvest time
  • TOMRA potato sorting machine

    Operates at high capacities, up to 100 Tonnes (120 short tons/2400 cwt) per hour
  • Field-Potatoes-Video

    Measure potatoes by size and length with 95.3% overall efficiency, output, and connectivity
  • Tremonvillers

    Simplified User-friendly touchscreen to safeguard the monitoring of the sort with total contro
  • Jersey Royal

    Dual functionality for harvest cleaning & grading line out of storage
  • Hove Ter Hille

    Small footprint and easy integration; can be integrated into mobile transloaders/cleaners.

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